Emergency preparedness for childcare providers

Childcare providers are agencies that assume temporary responsibility for children. A disaster may occur at any time and childcare providers are generally well-prepared for orphaned or unwanted children in such emergencies. At the New York World Trade Center attack on September 11, childcare professionals had to move thousands of children who had violated the terrorist attack. Preliminary planning of childcare providers can prevent loss of life or injury.

Childcare providers are usually provided with rapid evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. There are various situations that require evacuation, such as fire, terror or storm. Caring providers are generally well-informed about the types of emergency measures. For example, in the case of a fire, the training of childcare providers aims to determine the cause of the fire with the smoke color. This allows them to expel the fire faster using the appropriate fire extinguishers.

In order to prepare for medical emergencies, childcare providers receive first aid techniques. However, if the child's condition is critical or does not improve after first aid is provided, it will force the child into a healthcare facility.

It is recommended to nursing providers that all bomb threats are considered real unless proven to be. Any unidentified article should be reported to the authorities. Emergency exits must be carried out on rapid and effective emergency exits, but be organized in a way that ensures the safety of children.

The childcare provider should be aware of the storage space for food and water. Emergency lighting or battery-powered lights should be prepared for disasters. If there is a lack of drinking water, the tools available must be used economically and shared.

It is in the interests of young people that carers take part in the testing of emergency skills at regular intervals.

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