Does self-care play an important role in childcare?

The next day I was on an airplane. Typically, I'm doing a lot of things, as flight guides and crew are ready to fly and passengers get in the air. Somewhere somewhere, I'm aware of the importance of what they are doing, but I do not react much more than the transfer of consciousness to being present. I've heard this before. This time I paid attention. Perhaps the aviation disasters or something else gave me a special attention.

I paid particular attention to how funny the "right" phrase. For example, "water intake". Really? I could not help but wonder if those Hudson people are thinking of their experiences of "water immersion". Then they talked about the loss of cabin pressure, which resulted in the separation of oxygen masks from the upper compartments, and noted how calm the people were, while proving themselves to accommodate the masks. Right. I got it.

What I really noticed, for whatever reason, was the part that said, "First put the mask on, then on any child or others who need help." Hmmm … I was wondering when I was thinking of my children in different stages of their lives and with them. Then I remembered my wife, then the different moms and fathers. Are you able or able to follow this simple instruction? Did I notice that shake at the moment that I placed the mask for the first time on my own? Really would I be so self-conscious that I recognize the importance of making sure I'm ok before I see the welfare of my children and others? Honestly, I still admire.

Many of you, if you feel self-conscious, will notice that you are concerned with this selfishness. They are composing a whole report because it needs to be deepened, but you have to think about it. Do you have self-care, selfish? Perhaps that is the case, but if so, then it must be less negative and positive. I especially trust moms.

Think first to take care of yourself to help others. This is different from taking care of yourself and time. Placing the mask on yourself to help children and others who can be of help, good advice for life, not just about the aerial travel emergency.

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