Does a 2-3 year old need a mental health professional?

Unfortunately, some of the child's behavioral and / or developmental problems are a very challenging challenge for the family. There are many parents with the question, is it time to bring behavioral, therapist or psychiatrists from the age of two to three? The purpose of this article is to help them illuminate this answer.

Some things to consider if 2-3 years of age match the age-appropriate milestones. For a child over the age of 2, this means that the child should be able to nourish himself, say hundreds of words, and his motor skills are such that the child can move significantly.

Behaviorally, typically, a person over the age of 2 literally throws himself on the ground and stumbles, shouts, cheats, knocks on the floor, and hits others from time to time. It's also normal for a 2-year-old to pay extra attention and to switch from one job to another in seconds. Generally, when a 2 year old does not want to socialize with others, it is often bitten, kicked, and embarrassing, and only a few words can be said by a specialist.

3-year-olds can do much more than they were at 2 years of age. At this point, most hygiene and feeding routines can be provided with guidance in toddlers' lives. Since more words have been developed in a vocative of a 3-year-old, he usually has more frustration tolerance than before.

If you find that 3 years old can not be offended in the majority of aggressive actions, or 3 years of age is cruel to animals, then this suggests he needs help. Finally, although a 3-year-old has a long-drawn attention, if he can not sit for a few minutes and hear simple 1-step instructions (eg sit, stand up, lay, walk, etc.), then you might want to look for help outside the home .

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