Do not forget the Painful Shouting of Men, Women and Children in Africa and Asia and with those who help

The oppression – women in the country and internationally cross-bordered – by the many believers in Jesus Christ, who have been severely persecuted for their faith – men and women demoralized by the consequences of unemployment, AIDS, hunger and the consequences of frequent natural disasters. These are just a few huge issues that aid workers need to deal with in Africa and Asia.

Are there people in leadership positions who can raise and manage these issues? Yes, the problems are huge, but the leaders are responsible for acting and helping those who are already working and serving on the front.

Supporting agencies always need more financial resources. I mean the particular thoughts of Tear Fund, Help Africa and World Vision. I saw some projects in Uganda and in Kenya taught and taught, and they visited different orphanages in these nations.

If someone sees work and hears the stories, then it is only possible to recognize how loud and serious the need is.

They have been ruthlessly crushed and massacred, which we hear for a few months or years.

There have been rumors that almost half of the Burmese budget is spent on the military, with a healthcare budget of 19 pence / year per year. There are about 70,000 children soldiers in the country. This is more than any other country in the world. Do you dare to imagine the extent of suffering and fear and anxiety in these vulnerable and fearsome young lives?

In the same nation, the democratically elected leader of the opposition is the twelfth year of homicide. More fear – but this time among the rulers. They must be very insecure.

In many countries, human rights violations – including rape as a war weapon – such as forced labor – torture – and religious and ethnic persecution.

There are Christian aid workers in this nation who need special protection while they are in charge of helping people and improving their situation. Why are governments opposed to such assistance?

In different nations where we know that mineral or oil and gas wealth is needed, many people live and manage keeping the daily dollar alive.

And the issue of corruption is still very serious. One only thinks that one day he is responsible for the Almighty God for his actions and behaviors, and God said, "Do not steal."

Integrity is a scarce commodity all over the world and can not be a law against sin. This requires a complete transformation, which alone God works through Jesus Christ.

Remember those who continue to end the torture and pain of such suffering and give you as much as you can for an agency that reliably manages your money responsibly.

Sandy Shaw.

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