Do childcare facilities need insurance cover for employment practices?

Protection for you

There is a state of the art baby care around the warm, clean and safe atmosphere. Teachers are tangible professionals who provide children with undivided attention, encouragement, and entertaining learning. The kids are happy. The staff was satisfied. Parents are proud.

Regrettably, many things – not covered by general business liability insurance.

Childcare Needs That Actually Occurred

• Third Party Responsibility: After a Montessori School declared that they did not allow children for limited permissions, parents filed a lawsuit for racial discrimination. Parents insisted on adopting a school policy for African-American children and noted that the students did not include any African Americans either. Defense and settlement costs are $ 67,000.

• Internet / Email Responsibility: A childcare administrant assistant sent an email to all employees instead of the one intended recipient. The email was an ugly joke. The director of the center instructed the employee to send a later apology to everyone. Only two months later, an employee who had been downgraded for the company's downsizing, sued for the hostile work environment and cited the inadequate email as evidence of atmospheres that did not respect his religious principles. He was dazzled by the order and was not interested in revealing this lawsuit before the parents.

• Retribution: An Indian childcare employee objected to the racially-motivated threats faced by his associates. As a result, the owner added to another room where there was less staff presence. The new situation made it less time for work, so its lessons were down. A minor employee sued for the childcare center for discrimination and retaliation for discrimination. Defense and settlement costs total: $ 125,000.

• Wages and hours: The exempted senior teacher secretly tracked the hours while working overtime. As a paid worker, this teacher never mentioned any harm as a result of the additional workload. When the owner of the teacher served as a criminal lawsuit, he was surprised. Although it was unclear whether the teacher's calculations were accurate with regard to his working time, the center was directed by his lawyer to settle the amount shown and not risking other present and past employees to join the lawsuit.

Exercises Liability insurance

Employee claims are coming sharply. Protect your child protection center from a trial with an EPLI plan tailored to you.


The EPLI Directive protects you against actual, past and potential employers and litigious claims brought by visitors. This coverage has a wide variety of options:

1. False Elimination

2. Discrimination

3. Sexual Harassment

4. Refusal of Service

5. Other employee claims

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