Different Behavioral Behavior War on Soldiers

Military service and respect for those who lost their lives during their service were an important part of my family history. I lived in Pennsylvania until she was eleven, and Memorial (Decoration) Day made a family visit to Gettysburg Cemetery to respect the soldiers who serve their lives in our country. I still have the tradition of Memorial Day to visit the San Francisco Presidio Military Cemetery to honor my relatives, close friends and others who live with me during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and all I have retired from the US Air Force for the last 40 years. This article is more personal than what was usually written on the funeral of Albert Snyder's son (a fallen sailor) by Topeka, the last unlucky activity of members of the Westboro-Baptist Church in Kansas. Nothing would have been more devastating to the parent than the funeral of a child who gave his life to the American people. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled that it was perfectly lawful to be so hateful. They have also shown that their decisions can be completely strange.

Nevertheless, military life during the war was not all darkness, as the media could believe. Loneliness, difficulties, suffering, anxiety, tragedy and death are offset by humor, joy, pride, compassion, camaraderie, and wonderful survival. Numerous books and films do not depict the actual circumstances of millions of American soldiers (sailors, marines, and planets) justly. Like those in front of me and those who followed me, my experiences have changed from extreme to extreme.

Laura Hillenbrand's best selling book, "Seabiscuit," at the beginning of the 21st century, and the same popular film, reminded me of the most memorable competition in the 1930s. And he greeted a pleasant memory that took place in the early stages of my military career. Less than a year after Pearl Harbor, they went to the airport cadet training in Houston, Midland, Midwest Texas, for further training for the last few months before my silver wings and gold bars in the US Army forces. Under normal conditions, we had to go halfway between Midland and Odessa on arrival at the air base. A few weeks later – before the dinner before Friday, before we put our first open letter inviting envelopes to the table before us, our name was written in a beautiful flowery handwriting. You read:

"Hi, I visited Big Spring last year and met some of my friends from Houston, Dan Egan, Ed Homberger and George Whitney gave you my name to invite you to the Model Shop in Odessa for the first open post you [19659002] Seabiscuit "

I looked at Art Guerrero, one of my grinning classmates who said," Was this definitely a woman who wrote why she signed Seabiscuit? "" Let's go to Model Shop tomorrow and we'll know, "I said. "They probably sell the officers uniform, and now we have to order them to get ready for a few months in a row."

On Saturday afternoon Art and I went to Odessa. The model business was noticed, we went to the side entrance where other cabin crew were walking.

"Come in, boys, and a cold beer," said a well-dressed middle-aged man with a clear smile.

We followed the bar where two bottles of Lone Star opened. As we were drinking, we noticed a small caddy cadet group surrounded by a beautiful young woman dressed in the garter's garment to straighten her stockings in her stockings. On that day, silk and nylon stockings were sewn from the foot to the front of the heel from the upper thigh. They often need straightening, usually private. This young beauty did not follow the traditional procedure. And we appreciated the idea because it was the most beautiful leg I ever saw. Obviously this was Seabiscuit.

Yes, we bought an officer uniform from the mall store. Were they okay? Completely! The US Army officer then sold light gray (pink) pants and forest green coat with brass buttons. The "pink and green" and although the sailors and the Marines disagree, they were the best officials they ever planned.

Two years later I was flying from India and China to bombing Japanese military targets in occupied China. My brother was one of Merrill's marauders (guerrilla guerrilla warfare) that fired enemy lines in Burma to destroy Japanese military supplies. Although we were only a few hundred miles apart, we could not merge but exchanged letters. At the beginning of 1945, several weeks passed without silence. Then I got the APO (Army Post Office) address from a nurse in a Burmese hospital where they were taken to deal with injuries in the battle. "19459003) Your big brother, Warren." He was evacuated to a hospital in California, but not when I found out what it meant "… wounded, but not bad." A Japanese sniper's bullet hit his head and entered his left eye , and stepped out of his right ear. The left eye and right ear had lost sight, but the ball wonderfully went through the only possible space in her brain without causing irreparable damage.

Not long after, my bomber group moved to the Pacific, Marianna, until the war ended. Warren was treated for his injuries and ultimately resigned from Veterans & # 39; Hospitals. He did not heal completely. In order to maintain the balance when he learned to walk again, traps were fixed to his foot and heel. He also had to sleep with pillows under his head and shoulders to prevent dizziness. However, he was able to live a fairly normal life. Warren brought him back to Pennsylvania, where he worked, but he was in VA hospitals and was out for the rest of his short life. He was only 52 when he died, but he married and father a boy and two girls. Having survived the battlefield wounds was a miracle in itself.

Soldiers & # 39; situations may vary from good to bad. No one knew in advance what would happen overnight. Popular cartoons, "Willie and Joe" and "Sad Sack", released during and after the Second World War, provide you with help in your everyday life. You should find them in local libraries. Also read: "They did not ask us," Major Stan Coerr, USMCR (US Marine Corps Reserve). He concluded: "… Take someone who was there and lose everything

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