Did the women soldiers themselves become veterans?

Women do not really look like veterans. I came to this conclusion after having been a female veteran for many years. Where are the other female veterans? We have come back from the war, and if we go out, we disperse our lives and never join again. Why is that? Why did not we create organizations like men with VFW, the US Legion, the VVAW (Vietnam veterans against the war)?

Indeed, I do not think women have fought or say they did not have a fight. As the combat line is blurred or does not exist (as in Iraq) in modern warfare, traditional combat roles are outdated. today, in Iraq, women travel to convoys, walk along the streets, mannose like humans. They are in daily struggle.

However, we still think of war in the old days, where soldiers lined up on both sides and move toward each other by hand combat or tank fighting. This is not happening now. Most of the war that is now happening is guerrilla warfare. You will never know where your enemy is and everyone must be ready to defend.

Does this change women's eyesight in the army? I think because women traditionally have a backward role, they do not think of themselves as veterans. Traditionally, our entire society is only a veteran of military combat. There is also a hierarchy in the veterans' community about who the real veteran is. Some combat soldiers show little respect for those who are not in direct combat, as evidenced by the acne, such as REMF (the back plow of a long mother). Who can blame them? They met death every day, they saw her friends killed and wounded. Their experience must be respected and admired. But I also think that many women admire their role in the war, not so important because they were not in direct combat. They feel that they have to go back and have to stand because they are the only more solid warrior soldiers.

Many women have families to go back, children make sure they are willing to walk through a box. Women are not people who celebrate a violent victory against the enemy. They were not trained. Men are programmed to feel good about the enemy.

Women in the past played a supporting role in the war. Their work is just as important, and without it, the combat soldier could not do his job. However, they do not get the deserved recognition.

Only women have the recognition they deserve. No one will do it. We need to create national organizations according to our needs. We must demand special services for women. Women are asking for the support of the children of soldiers and veterans to be incomplete. (We forget that children are going through war with their parents, but there is no room for children's needs in VA hospitals and local governments) We can follow the courageous example of Diane Carlson who has been fought for by women veterans for years in Vietnam. You have to look at the women who helped to bring the women's veterans' memorial to the Arlington National Cemetery (what little is known about). We need to gather together as a group to support each other, recognize each other, and demand that this nation do the same.

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