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It's not easy to get used to smoking habits. People, however, are aware of the dangers of secondary smoke and try to protect their families from dangers, smoking at the house window, or opening all doors and windows for better ventilation. Current medical articles have very specifically mentioned that this really does not work because the slightest residual effect of the odor in the air can affect other people and especially children.

Many people are aware of the danger of secondary smoke but do not know the deep effects; even the smallest remnant of the smoke that is sticking to your clothes and furniture is also very harmful.

Current medical articles have also stated that since it is such a big problem, it would be a great idea for smokers to know better about the right circumstances to protect them around those problems. Another important fact is that current health articles have also stated that children of smoked parents are likely to smoke in their teens only.

Current health articles have reported that smoking is not risk-free and that tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can cause any type of cancer. And the worst thing is, the chemicals are concentrated in the secondary smoke.

The advice of current health care articles for people to be extremely cautious about using the smoke. It is very important that parents think of smoking cessation, but they also understand that this is not possible as simply. Therefore, there are measures you can take to avoid smoking primarily from your children.

If you are a smoker and have a child at home, they smoke outside your house. This is the only way to avoid getting into contact with lethal chemicals that will have a long-term impact on their health. Current health articles also advise on avoiding smoking where there are pregnant women, as this is a dangerous way of infecting their future children.

Do not smoke on your car. Even if you are alone, smoke is sticking to your car's materials, and even though you may not think, chemicals will still be there when others come and sit in the same car. This is the amount that chemicals are able to stay in the atmosphere, and it is therefore important that they take appropriate precautions.

Some current health care articles also provide you with parents as a parent to make sure your children are 100 percent smoke-free.

If the awareness of the impact of second smoke is understood by everyone, then it will certainly be easier to accept the philosophy of protecting people and especially children from these harmful chemicals.

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