Cost-benefit analysis of Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Should we step down from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? To answer this question, we must take into account the current state of both wars.

These wars cost 6,000 American lives, including 5,200 soldiers and 800 civilians. Iraqi soldiers and other coalition forces killed 10,500 people. Nobody knows the number of Iraqi civilians who have been killed, but some estimates are as high as 600,000. Additionally, some 34,000 were seriously wounded by the US military and 6,000 other coalition forces.

US taxpayers spend nearly $ 1 trillion on these wars. It costs $ 390,000 to bring an American soldier to Iraq for one year. This increases the ever-increasing shortage due to the Obama administration's costs, and this is occurring during the global recession.

Some estimate has removed 2.5 million people from their homes. Iraqi inflation is 50%, unemployment is 60%, and 28% of Iraqi children are chronically malnourished. Only 37% of Iraqi homes are connected to a canal network, only 30% of them have adequate water access. The worst thing is that all of these statistics have become worse since the wars have begun.

Most people, including Americans and Iraqis, strongly oppose the presence of coalition troops. Iraqis have little faith in them; do not believe they improve security; and because of our occupation, they become less secure.

If our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have eliminated terrorist attacks, we really do not see any evidence. Even if that is the case, it has a high cost. Could not we make the same progress in this respect without these wars? Unfortunately, a sad analogy can be deduced from these poorly managed wars. We were indicted for the 3,000 deaths that occurred on September 11, 2001, when another 6,000 died with our own compatriots and about 600,000 allies. Along with the bad management of wars, our intelligence was so poor that we could not find Bin Laden even with excellent technology.

Because every day there are more US military deaths, this situation is really Vietnam. We decide to continue losing it, instead of winning the wars decisively. We are too concerned about the fact that politics is right for civilian casualties. It seems we would rather lose our own soldiers than Iraqi civilians.

In Vietnam, we suffered 58 000 deaths, but we lost 6,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan and another 10,000 coalition forces. In addition, 34 000 were seriously wounded, which means a total of about 50,000 losses. This really looks like another Vietnam. We have been in Afghanistan for nine years and have been in Vietnam for 16 years. Just like Vietnam, we claim that we won because we killed more enemies than we killed. war supporters claim that we have won since our fatal victim is 55,000. Just like in Vietnam, this is probably a more convincing argument for those who do not have family members in this issue. Just as Vietnam, when we go out, now, even ten years, the country falls back into the chaos of rival factions. Communism was in Vietnam, and there are insurgents here.

Yes, because we did not win the fast win, we have to cut our losses and get out.

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