CNA specializes in childcare

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide convenient care and routine tasks that are essential to patient care. But CNA is not just working in hospitals and nursing homes. Some CNAs are trained as pediatric consultants in medical institutions or serve as CNAs for children in other places.

The CNA training program is specifically designed to work in nursing homes. This is because the federal government empowers the presence of CNA in these facilities and wants to ensure that the quality of the supply is met. In fact, the CNA qualification form also states that we have completed the program, and now we are competent to work as long-term care nurses as assistants / assistants.

CNA develops skills that help people get dressed, bathe, or wheelchairs, eat, vital signs, etc. Generally speaking, CNA provides routine and essential help for the population, who maintain their hygiene, comfort and quality of life.

These are all tasks that are extremely helpful in caring for children. Pediatric CNA or CNA works for children in a situation where children are present. Workplaces that provide children include day care, hospitals and private homes. The CNA specialist works under the supervision of a registered nurse or a skilled nurse. If the appropriate medical staff is not present at the workplace, CNA can provide services or escort services for children, but can not practice it as an independent CNA.

CNA experience in nursing homes and healthcare facilities can benefit from the experience and can be used for camping in pediatric care. There are many jobs available for CNA certified staff to accompany children with mentally and physically challenged children, to day care or to provide healthcare within a child institution.

There is no need for a specific course for a CNA working with children. However, after gaining certification and work experience, CNA can start specializing in a particular area of ​​CNA's work. CNA can participate in further training, which specializes in their work experience. The more work you gain, the more positive the impact on your CV and the higher employment potential in that special field.

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