Choosing the same age childcare and mixed child care

Do you want your child to live with children only in the age group?

Playing with children of the same age and learning environments enables them to interact with a similar level of development and then have the opportunity to learn each other. The physical environment can be set up to support and question the children in the game; age-specific games, games and playthings. In addition, the knowledge and experience of staff can be deepened by working specifically with a working age group.

On the other hand, an environment in which children of the age group and the developmental stage play and learn together offers other benefits. For many children who have the opportunity to play with the elderly and young people, they diversify the interaction between children. For example, a four-year-old player may play a helping role over the age of three. Or a younger child can also strive for the outcomes of older children.

Mixed age groups can hinder higher demand and stress on staff because they have to meet a wide range of learning needs. This means that games from all stages of development are in use, and some group activities are too cumbersome or easy for children. Further consideration of the staff is the intimidation or dominance that some older children may have on adult children. In this situation, there is a need for more staff to concentrate activities on a number of stages of development and on facilitating positive interactions between children.

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