Children's health is in your hands

Who has the responsibility to prevent children from becoming toxic, toxins and carcinogens in their system? Many rely on the medical profession, state regulation and external agencies to arrange them all. If something is advertised on the TV or local newspapers print these agencies, then this is a gospel. But who is watching these agencies to make sure our children's health is their first and most important concern? In the bottom line … You are responsible for the child's state of health. You are here to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest in stories about the effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, and dietary requirements.

Do not be surprised that the majority of agencies, government and medical professions will not be worried about the side effects of their decisions on how to treat your children as you will. After all, they are not their children! What in vaccines do you want kids and most school systems? I do not know? You should. Never abandon your baby's inoculation just because the doctor says this is the standard.

Read the ingredients of the vaccine and read the potential side effects. I think it would surprise a large number of people if they can do the simple step to protect their child. If you are living in a city and drinking urban drinking, cooking and showering, what does it mean to ingest into the body and absorb it through the skin? Have you seen the side effects of chlorine and fluoride? It is certain that the impact of the site will not necessarily happen tomorrow, but a lifetime exposure would be a completely different story, do not you think? What about the meals she prepares for her children? Are the vitamins and minerals depleted so that their little body requires a good balance? Are they pesticides, additives and preservatives? The reason Canada and Europe are baking milk and dairy products from the United States. Do you know the reason? Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBHG) should not be used in food supply.

Have you ever wondered why our children are physically mature? Well, just look at the milk we feed. He does not buy a rocket scientist to guess that if he puts this hormone in cows to increase production, they consume milk for our children. It is not only the transmission of hormones, but also the faster growth of cells. We are talking about bad cells (cancer) and normal cells.

You can read a lawsuit in which two journalists were fired because they were not willing to cure their rBHG test results. So where's the FDA's interest in trying to sell the story, how good is it for your children to swallow these chemicals? Is it possible that a large company, Monsanto, has overturned its decision to declare it safe?

You're the judge and jury. As far as I am concerned, I insist on organic farming and beef purchased from one of the local farmers. Can not you do the same … for the kids? The responsibility of children's health is in your hands, and your education is vital to their future.

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