Children's Health – Immunity and Swine Flu

We've all been watching and reading news about the epidemic caused by swine flu, it can be scary. Before you go to the proverbial desert island, you can talk about how to build your child's immune system and the health of your children – and then build armor against swine flu.

first Reduce or eliminate white sugar from your child's diet.

This is the thing nobody said when my son was a kid. Sugar can reduce your child's (and your own) immune system almost immediately. If your child is constantly consuming sugar throughout the day, even in small quantities, his immune system must be in constant state of depression.

2nd Wash his hands and wash his hands.

The only best way to avoid this exposure is to have your child wash their hands often – and with soap. Were worried about their thoroughness? Sing them into a "happy birthday song" while rubbing their hands and fingers with soap. When the singing is finished, it's time to wash the soap.

3rd Give your baby vitamin C and more vitamin C.

Vitamin C is predominantly found in fruits and vegetables. Oranges are best known, but other fruits and vegetables have the same amount of vitamin C as orange or more: kiwi, mango, papaya, red peppers with high vitamin C. and oatmeal, whether you can feed yourself or even baked bread …

4. Consider other useful accessories.

Probiotics, either from yogurt or food supplements, can play an important role in enhancing your child's digestive health and immunity.

Astragalus has long been used by Chinese medicine (and is also grown in the USA) as one of the most effective ingredients in any of the immune therapies. Astragalus can often be bought from tincture at the local health food store and is especially good if your child has swollen glands.

5th Become an expert on your children (and general digestive health).

One important way to assess children's health is to observe bowel movements. Some variants in the feces are normal. Examples of problems include constipation, loose stools, undigested food in the stool, abdominal pain, stools, lots of gas or alternate dirrhea and constipation, constant hate in the child's stomach. All of these long-standing patterns justify excursions to their primary healthcare provider.

6th Try the delicious massage and acupressure.

In order to strengthen the health of children, I offer day-to-day acupressure and massage techniques. Parents can use the technique of digestive, abdominal, abdominal and acupressure digestive massage techniques.

To see the techniques, see .

7th Removing Environmental Irritations

Here you can list some things that you may ask yourself or you may notice that the child's different environments – home, school, inside and out.
o Is there a pet? Are my child's symptoms worse or worse when they spend time on our floor or play with pets?
o How is your child's day-care home the first time I go? New building? An old building?
o Have we observed candles, room smells, and incense bars in our house?
o Clean it fast? How often did things disappear?
o Large amounts of chemicals, bleach, etc. Are we using the house to clean it? How did my child's energy, behavior, and sleep on days when I was clean?
o Maybe someone smokes in our house?

8th Maintain a healthy diet for your child.

A balanced diet is above all the most important gift to provide for the health of your children.

ninth Help your children get their ZZZ. This may seem basic, but one of my great struggles as a parent was to understand how much sleep my son needed Aidan and the amount of sleep he needed was two different things. And while her enthusiasm for book-keeping, reading, and exploring has always convinced her desire to sleep, she slept her health and immune system without her beauty.

10th Give a loving and low stress home to your baby.

Best suggestions for a typical 21st century household? First number: Make sure you take care of yourself – like your favorite airplane analogy: first on your mask and then help the child. Make sure you follow the previous nine proposals as a parent, as much as possible, with adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition and relaxation. The simplest for our children is to fit the tables into the patterns they model them.

Suggestions here are not the healing methods of swine flu, they do not intend to. However, an old Chinese proverb says: "Man is not sick because he has an illness when the child's immune system is healthy, he can handle the intruders that they never know they were there. They are able to control our children's exposure to swine flu, but we can help them to be prepared and healthy despite any exposure, as always, the healthy immune system is a universal cure

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