Children's Health – Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has many causes, but the most important reason is obesity among parents. When parents are obese, their children are already exposed to obesity, so they do not find it strange, like eating and are much larger than any other age. This tendency to nutrition is very bad for the child and most of the time results in childhood obesity, which is far more dangerous than obesity in adults.

Studies have shown that if children are obese, they are likely to become obese when they are older. Work for obesity is what kids will fight for a long time if they survive overweight, but it is always better for them to have normal weight for their age. Many health problems are associated with childhood obesity, some are mentally and physically present.

The first health problems caused by childhood obesity are psychological. These problems can be caused by piracy or even family members by school bullying. It is well known that children often face obvious weakness with others, and weight is a manifest weakness that many children have. This intimidation can cause serious psychological damage in the form of paranoia, and may even lead to eating disorders such as anorexia, the opposite effect of childhood obesity and even more problems.

Diabetes is a big problem for people with obesity. Diabetes is a condition in which people have high blood sugar because their body does not produce enough insulin or insulin that does not affect blood sugar. This is a serious condition that can cause loss of legs and damage to someone if people do not care.

Cancer is another known result of childhood obesity. Cancer kills thousands of people annually, and regardless of how much research is being done during treatments, the best cure for obesity-induced cancer is itself preventing obesity. If parents strive to help their children during weight loss, perhaps by losing their predominance, they may save their child's life.

Cartoid arteries are the ultimate but not ultimate result of childhood obesity. This process of arterial aging has up to thirty years of higher cholesterol levels in the body. Exercise and good diet are the best cures for this and the state of health caused by childhood obesity.

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