Children's Health Concerns and AC Units

One of the greatest risks to the health of a child is a visible and unresolved tool hidden in the central air conditioning unit. The mold there is often not noticeable until it violates the air vents and begins to spread through its walls. By then it's too late – it has a severe mold problem and it's best for her family to leave her home until the problem is solved.

What is mold?

In the last run of the food chain, mold is very small and fast growing. If you have forgotten to wash a bowl with the remaining food remains on the bottom, you have witnessed a rapid growth rate first. Now imagine this in your home where you can not see or have easy access! And under the right conditions, mold anywhere can get out of thin air anywhere. One mold quickly multiplies to trillions in less than three weeks simply by the constant production of spores!

Most families find it having mold problems when it's too late and the number one reason and the casting pump is the air conditioner. While viewing central air conditioners as a luxury object, they are an ideal solution for mold. The drainage and drainage vessels provide a perfectly damp and recessed environment for the growth of the fungus.

What kind of mold can damage the child?

It is doubtful that any parent wants the child among the parents, but unfortunately, most well-intentioned parents think that if they do not see the problem or its effects, then it can not be so serious. Mildew, however, causes serious health problems, especially for young children who are still developing the immune system. Mold may cause allergies, asthma, hypersensitivity, skin care problems, pneumonia, permanent fluids and fluid, and even the possibility of bleeding from the lungs – this can damage and weaken your child's immune system. Keeping the form in your home is just as bad as the air blowing over the swamp or a canal and directly to your home where children live, sleep, eat, and play.

Signs of mold

Wood or fabric discoloration is great. However, discoloration was not caused by mold. For example, floor mats close to carpet mat can be painted in the house by dirt. Stains or soot may be caused by smoke from burning candles or cigarettes. However, if you suspect that it is mold, pay attention to discolored growth and contact a specialist immediately. Note that it is difficult to identify the form since not all of the 270 forms are perceived by the odor.

How to harm your child?

Indoor air quality assessments of the World Health Organization show that 60 to 80% of indoor air quality problems are related to mold and that mold is the most respected perpetuator in the central air conditioning system's home, with channels and ventilation slots in each corner of the house making the invasion of the moldy invasion without ever knowing it.

As mildew and bacteria grow in canals and drainage vessels, they are channeled into living spaces through channels. This is a growing concern when you are having a child at school or day care. In a populated environment with a poor AC environment, it allows a sick child to enter promises and injure other children. How is this done? For example, if a child gets into his or her flu, it is very likely that the virus will be transferred to the air conditioning unit and stay there until it is distributed to the room (s). This is one of the many ways in which children are ill in an establishment, even though they can be completely in other rooms.

If you suspect your child is ill at school, talk to your school supervisor and talk about your concerns. The problems of buildings with poor air quality and of any mold / air pollutants are "sick buildings". Make sure to take action as this is a problem that does not go away on its own.

What you can do

The best solution to avoid mold problems in your home or child's environment is investing in a portable AC. Portable devices are rapidly becoming an alternative to smart families to cool their homes. These mobile room air conditioners offer on-site cooling without the canal and the ventilation slots – every glorious resting place for mold. Most mobile ACs now have multiple filters and dual functions, including dehumidifiers, to remove excess moisture from the area.

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