Children's Health and Wellbeing

Fresh Air and Exercise

Ultraviolet light in the sunlight allows the body to produce and store vitamin D, which is important for the development of bones. Unfortunately, this light is filtered out of glass, so the child needs to have fresh air to benefit. Appropriate sunshine comes through the clouds to make it worthwhile, so you should pull out a little baby a day and encourage a toddler to play outdoors for a while, regardless of the weather. In this way, enough vitamin D can be produced and stored to support the baby through the gray months.

Our body is in motion and the muscles, joints and bones of the child need regular activity to be healthy. Many physical exercises not only help the child feel good, help strengthen their muscles, become slimmer and sleepy, but help their body to burn up excess energy and heat it. The beneficial effects of exercise last for a few days but are still sensitive to the child's ability to exercise each day.

Regular exercise is not always easy when family members are transporting a car. But even toddlers enjoy walking, so try every part of the day to try a walk, swim, play outside, or some other activity that you and your children can enjoy. Even when it rains, they both feel better at training, though it may be more tempting to stay. If your child is in school, check how much workouts there are, and if necessary complete the school gym and games with out-of-school activities.

Learning from Life

The stimulation that comes from being around it is essential for the child's development. Kids love people and they can be very bored if they stay alone. You have to play, talk, smoke, laugh, present things and be involved in family meals, excursions and other activities. They have to feel a part of the family and – as they grow – they need to stay in the wider community, not just passive observers. Perhaps the most important thing is that there is enough time for a person to concentrate on them and to have real interest in them.

Choose the time to pay full and undivided attention to your child when ready. You can not expect a tired or hungry child to enjoy his best efforts to play and talk to him just because it's a good time for you. The more you talk to your children and listen to it, the more you will be able to understand and talk about yourself.

There may be situations when you are not comfortable or comfortable with a toddler or toddler with you. You'd better leave with someone else you know, not frustrated and annoyed because your presence is not happy. You probably still enjoy yourself better.

Spiritual Care

If the spiritual side of life is important, tell your children. It is easy for a child to grow, never knowing what their parents think and feel, because they are embarrassed, can not find the words, or do not want to wash her. Yet many, old and young, enjoy comfort and meaning in life by extending the source of goodness or God beyond their power and potentially present in each of us.

If you are not sure what you think or do not have spiritual convictions, it is still worth encouraging your children to take into account other people's ideas.

You can also try to find a way for a broader perspective for life that goes beyond it. For example, you may be aware of the beauty, majesty and power of nature, or of creative and loving power, even if you do not understand what you are doing.

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