Children of War: the real victims

Children are often victims of the first armed conflict. Since the nineties, attention has been focused on Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Rwanda, Somalia, Liberia, Cambodia, former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d Ivoire, Senegal and Angola. All in all, active conflicts continue today in the world.

All armed conflicts force children to move through atrophic experiences through childhood soldiers, refugees or abandoned children.

Children's Soldiers

Both boys and girls are kidnapped and used as child murders in civil war in some countries. The development of lighter weapons, such as AK-47, means that children of the eighties may be armed. Army bosses actively use children because they are small and fast, easily intimidated, and less likely to rebel.

After recruiting, child soldiers serve as cooks, cooks, guards, messengers, spies, or are forced to provide sexual support. Many are fighting where they can force them to the frontlines or send them to land mines before the old troops.

The rehabilitation of child soldiers is a difficult process because they have been demolished and rebuilt psychologically. In addition, many of the former child soldiers have no access to educational programs, vocational training, family reunion or even shelter needed to successfully join civil society. As a result, many people end up in the streets, are involved in crime or are armed in conflict.

Refugees and Redundant Children

Waves of violence that swept around the world brought many children up. Some were "displaced" after having fled their homes to move elsewhere in their own country while others were "refugees" who moved the border to neighboring countries.

Escape camps and deprivation are forced by the refugee camps, children's circumstances. Consumed foods, clean water and adequate health care in some overcrowded refugee camps are a terrible damage to war-child victims who are often chronically ill, mutilated, blind or mentally disturbed.

Most modern conflicts hold the length of childhood. Not only the children who are devastated by war, but also the resources they need to help develop the skills of their adult lives. Schools and hospitals are destroyed and, after a long-running civil war, many countries have no resources to rebuild their infrastructure. As a result, when many children need physical and psychological health and education, these resources are lacking.

Serious psychological wounds on children can wreak havoc on their lives, blocking the generations that have to rebuild the devastated countries one day.

Children are suffering from the direct consequences of war and are unable to say or do anything to protect themselves.

Salute is due to organizations that meet the needs of volunteers, auxiliary staff and children's soldiers, refugees, and displaced children. Thank you for taking the opportunity to help our children and our world.

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