Children living in divorced families may lose health coverage

Over 50% of California marriages are over for divorce. The process is emotional to all concerned, especially children. But the second type of child becoming a victim – the loss of health coverage – is becoming more and more common. For example, the divorce decree calls for the husband to keep the child or the children in the health insurance policy of the group. Everything is fine until the husband has left her. There is one option. The ex-employee can enjoy the benefits of COBRA, which accounts for up to 102% of the original cost of the insurance cover. Regrettably, this may be lower than an insurance solution, especially if the costs actually increase.

Another scenario: The husband pays the child for the policy of the group, but the mother takes the child to another state. This simple act can lead to many problems. Group policy can not cover the state. If the insurance policy is an HMO, PPO or other managed care hybrid, doctors or "network" healthcare institutions may not exist. The cost of supply will increase.

Planning can be the solution to the many losses of the children of divorced parents. If both parents consult with their respective spokespersons and agree to give priority to the health care of their children (or children), happy ends. Perhaps the best solution is to provide separate guidelines for children, derived from sources other than an employer. Many health insurers working exclusively with California people have been working on working programs to deal with such cases. The so-called. "Children Only" plans can often be purchased at very reasonable prices.

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