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Diagnosing children's brain development is always painful and time-consuming for the parent. From the first day you see your child see your GP, from the day you know what child's developmental disorder you have, you may find many "bad" diagnoses and recommend taking your child to a specialist after another . Although many children with brain developmental disorder professionals, all professionals are only specializing in one area. The only hope is that the information gathered from some professionals will ultimately help determine the exact type of disease, so your child will be treated with a corrected drug.

Many Parents in the American Complaint "Why do not we have a specialist team specializing in diagnosing kidney disease developmental disorders in the same hospital or child clinic so every child can be diagnosed and can be treated quickly by a specialist and the time that each child sees such specialists sometimes , except for 3 months, etc. ". In fact, each country has its own healthcare system, and none of them is perfect.

I. Canada

Due to the universal healthcare system, after having seen your child as a general practitioner, it is recommended for the Department of Brain Disorders of the Local Child Hospital. From then on, a group of experts will diagnose the child individually, and eventually the diagnosis will be collected and the final meeting of the team will inform you about the type of brain developmental disorder that is treated with recommended treatments.

The diagnosis time in Canada may be worse, but every doctor is predetermined. You like it or not, you can not choose your own. You can deny the doctors' sight, but your child waits for the next appointment and the diagnosis is not for not every parent.

first There are several support groups in the local authorities when they are informed about joining
2. The child must be returned to the local cerebral malformation local hospital
3. Return to a doctor's diagnosis from time to time (usually six months) or on the advice of a GP or a local clinician.
4. All medications are free

If you want to look for alternative medicine, you need to pay for your services, but please inform your family and clinicians.

in the II. USA

You have to appoint yourself or your GP should do it for you. You have the right to choose any physician you think is best for your child. Due to the specialty of each physician, one of the most well-known doctors of the child's brain developmental abnormalities may have a six months wait for initial appointment, which not only delays the corrected diagnosis of the child but also increases the risk of deterioration. Here are some tips that worked well for some parents, I hope the squirrel will reduce the waiting time and save time for the parents to handle their children.

A. In general

1. Please share your concerns with your doctor or healthcare professional
2. Listen to your proposal
3. Ask your GP to see your GP
4. Get help from other professionals as soon as possible
5 6. Find Another Opinion
7. Ask Your Problems and Questions
8. Learn Available Treatments and Teaching if You Find The Real Causes
9. Get a copy of your child from all the physicians you saw your child with.
10. If you are looking for help from alternative medicines, make sure you understand and understand that most of the famous alternative doctors come from non-English countries.

B. Joint Parent Child Development Supporting Organization

1. Share Your Concerns with Members
2. Find a place where you can speak quietly with the member instead of raising your concerns at the meeting.
3. Look at the issue at the General Assembly
4. Share Your Experience
5. Share Your Checklist
6. No Technical Term and Personal Tagging
7. If you have other resources, share with your members
8. Be supportive and do not judge.

C. Here is the recommended list of expert teams

We do not know that the following list is useful for every parent and a high-failure diagnosis by another parent. They say that the list saves saving time and delays the treatment of children.

first Development and Behavior Pediatrician
2. Pediatric Neurologist
3. Child Psychiatrist
4. Child Psychologist
5. Speech and Language Pathologist
6. Occupational Therapist
7. Physical Therapist
Play Therapist
9. Social Worker

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