Children are mental health

It's so important to take care of your children's mental health, just like their physical health. Over the past centuries, personal health disputes have automatically been reported as having an individual's problem with common sense. Today we know that these assumptions are wrong.

What can be called insanity may be the condition of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. These are all issues that can be corrected

There are several behavioral abnormalities, and often referred to as dysphetic behavioral abnormalities. They are common in children of all ages and are usually the reason why some children refer to healthcare specialists in evaluations and / or treatment.

Contrary to what many parents believe, the mental problems of all children are not the same. There are various types of behavioral disorders that are commonly heard of: Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); behavioral abnormality; and an opposition to the opposition.

ADHD is one of the most sought after topics in mental health for children. Children are seen in very young age, and symptoms are most commonly associated. Many parents recognize that their children are inattentive, impulsive and very active.

In most cases, the symptoms of ADHD are unclear until the child reaches the general age and goes to school. Regardless of the age at which your child knows that your child suffers from this illness, you certainly want to know what caused the events and what to do with it.

It is known that ADHD is a biological disorder of the brain; although still need to be confirmed, studies have shown that the disease is genetic. In addition, it has been found that children with ADHD have lower brain metabolism in areas that guide attention, social perception, and movement.

Anomalies are characterized by antisocial behavior; children with illness always report acts that are offensive to others. rights. They often act outside the age norms and rules of society. Some of these behaviors in children or adolescents often involve irresponsibility, crime and physical aggression towards others.

Those who experience disorder or often run away and even commit theft, attack, or extreme violence. The effect of behavioral disorders is so extreme that it is natural to think if the parent is defective and what he can do to help his child.

Many medical experts have come to the conclusion that behavioral abnormalities are multifactorial and often result from a combination of biological, physiological and external factors. Over time and with help, this problem can be corrected

Contraindications are one of the common types of behavioral abnormalities and are characterized by non-cooperative and annoying behavior towards others, especially with regard to official data. Children and adolescents with ODD cause a lot of stress and problems for those around them.

Although ODD has no determining reason, some theoretical claims exist for the development of the disorder. Such a developmental theory suggests that the problem begins when children are young children; they face difficulties in addition to their primary number of connections and their own skills are not properly or fully developed. The theory of learning suggests that the characteristics of ODD are simply learning attitudes that reflect the effects of parents and the negative reinforcements commonly used by official data.

Although the exact causes of mental disorders in these different types of children are not always known, they have identified, based on different research, that disruptive behavioral disorders are caused both by biological and environmental factors.

In cases where a child suffers or suspects a behavioral disorder, it is always important and necessary to ask a qualified medical practitioner to handle the situation.

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