Children and their changing role in history

Children in today's society are more comfortable and less responsible than a few decades ago. They also seemed to have lost most of the value system that most of us surely grew up. By examining the role of children in the past, we may be able to track the source of our problems with today's troubled youth.

In the old days, children were treated as small adults and the same responsibilities that their parents had to bear. Young people worked with their parents in the fields as they walked. Children serving as soldiers are not uncommon in some countries. Marriages occurred when a person was about twelve years old hoping they would be able to reproduce within the next few years that they had to live. At this time, young people have virtually been born into rough realities since their birth.

Death was every day when the average lifespan was about forty years. Only one five children survived the adulthood, so the loss of brothers was also common. Many parents did not live up to their children to grow up in the battle and the loss of life in the crib and raised many children with little or no blood contact.

All these factors banned most of the children being pampered or pampered. The daily struggle of survival has reduced all frivolity. This does not mean that these parents did not appreciate or care about their children. Everyone who survived infants was a great value, and human nature dictated that these children were kept in great care.

Discipleship was much stronger than today. Due to the dangers present in the old situation, obedience to parents' rules can usually lead to death. To protect young people, many parents have paid them to ensure compliance.

In the modern world, daily survival is not the fight as it once was. Parents were milder and kinder than their predecessors dreamed of. Each child enjoys playing games and is provided with quality education. Many experts emphasize that parents should allow their children to enjoy their childhood as a vital step to be healthy and happy adults.

This behavior of child rearing has caused a number of problems. Some young people today do not respect anything, and many are expressed in jail by their eighteenth birthday. Drug and alcohol consumption are intense. As an adult, many of these children find that they can not cope with the "real" life.

As a parent, you can help your child become a successful adult in several ways. The most important thing to note is that every child needs rules and punishments if these guidelines are not respected. This does not mean that you physically punish your child in any way. You can determine the appropriate penalty, but you have to give a penalty. If you create a rule set and not follow them, you can send a message to your child that the rules are not important.

You can assign some tasks to your child around the house. This is a good way to teach your child a lot of household skills that you need as an adult. Teaching your children to respect themselves and others, and good manners are key to continued social success.

As a parent, it is your job and your privilege to teach your children everything you need to grow. A good parenting plan can prevent your child from ending in situations where you and he will regret later.

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