Childcare Activity: Puzzles!

I hate to say it, but it has been a while since I put together a puzzle. I remember how much I used to love them as a child. I loved animals, and for every occasion it looked like I got a new cute animal jigsaw to put together. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and end result of cute kitty cat and puppy faces!

I'm glad my family encouraged this activity in our home. Puzzles teach logical thinking, concentration, patience, and persistence. All of these qualities are very cruel for a child as they grow older. As I am preparing for graduate school and entering the working world, I see the extreme importance of all these skills to succeed.

All around me I see children who are constantly distracted by the internet and cell phones. They are also used to instant gratification. Constant distractions, stimulation, and instant gratification do not result in good qualities as children get older. Puzzles are a great way to teach children focus and problem solving.

They also provide an educational way to entertain children. Some children may not enjoy them. If that is the case, find a puzzle that has a picture of something they really like. It may be trucks, flowers, or even a personalized picture.

There are many types of jigsaws that can be purchased. Giant floor pieces, those with many tiny pieces, those with few large pieces, and those with beautiful pictures are all a joy to put together!

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