Child trafficking: The disastrous result of poverty

Child trafficking involves exploiting and abusing children by recruiting or forcing them to work in brothels, factories, work camps, and other unpleasant places. Poverty is the main reason why millions of women and children are raised or smuggled into different regions and put an end to a very ambitious situation.

The exploitation and abuse of children is largely done in poverty-stricken countries, most notably in Asia and Africa. Disadvantaged areas, such as civil wars, parents' homes, domestic violence, and others, lead to children from their families. The Thai Cambodian region is a very rich source of prostitution, while the continent of Africa is the home of millions of children of mortal deaths.

While women and children in poor nations threaten abuse and trafficking, they are actually derived from more developed nations. The United States and Australia represent the highest proportion as most frequent clients of child prostitution. Sex tourism and trade have a strong influence on Europe and most Americans and Australians go to meet their needs.

Child trafficking treats minors as the biggest and most important commodity in business. Sex offenders and pedophiles can be used as prostitutes, work as a labor force or serve as child soldiers in conflicts. Apart from poverty, another major cause is the $ Million Profit of Criminal Groups and Traffickers

The Asian region is probably the richest area where criminal networks are able to establish their trade. The Cambodian, Thai and Indian countries occupy a large number of women and minors who can be exploited and abused in other parts of the world as victims of trafficking.

Placing a child in prostitution or for forced labor in factories always involves the existence of excessive and life-long trauma. Abuse can be physical, mental or emotional, and the effect on victim will soon be manifested as mental or behavioral instability.

Numbers do not lie, so are the victims of child trafficking. If only the governments of individual nations and states are able to deal seriously with this problem, we will never talk about it.

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