Child trafficking and smuggling: Determining the Difference

Child trafficking is a crime and violation of international law that has become a profitable business for organized crime syndicates and criminal networks. Even though it seems ironic, the reality is that no body enforced by law has the power and propensity to accommodate criminals. And the saddest truth is that victims are children and minors who live in a corrupt life, and there is no definite future.

But trafficking is not the same as human smuggling. However, these two practices have some similarity in some respects, but there are differences that are even more frightening to the other.

Child trafficking focuses primarily on the exploitation of victims to obtain services and benefits such as prostitution, forced labor, child soldiers, or slavery as a whole. The main role of this sin is constraint. This means that minors are forced, intimidated or deceived to be transported or placed on certain parts of the world if they return something for their purpose.

Child trafficking is the method of transporting and transporting minors around the world in order to use them for services such as prostitution, slavery, forced labor or whatever. This terrible crime is characterized by the use of violence and threats in order to force victims to not complain or simply obey.

In addition, a minor is forced to move to any place where he is prostituting in prostitution houses, working hard in factories, or sometimes in a conflict with a militia or army member. Once again, the main feature of services is to carry out the will.

The smuggling of children on the other is so different that they consent to most of the time. This consent does not come from the child, but from the parents who are in desperate circumstances. However, the same story relates to the extent of exploitation and misuse. Therefore, if a child is smuggled or traded, it is likely to be abused and exploited. The most painful reality of exploitation is the lack of support and advocacy of the international community and the governments concerned. We can not accept this kind of loose commitment from them because we need a credible body to arrest and invoke smugglers and smugglers into jail.

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