Child poverty in South Africa

Child poverty in South Africa is a case that really needs to be addressed. Many people think that this is still related to apartheid, but that is not the case. What is really sad is that people are based on the assumption that there is nothing wrong, so the country is trying to hide the situation under the covers as if it did not have to worry about it.

Before the FIFA Soccer World Cup arrived, the people of the country wondered what the situation would be with child poverty and poverty in South Africa. A few days before the event started, the kids were secretly taken away from the street.

Tourists come to Africa but do not know the situation, but poverty statistics show us how bad things are. This is a bit like a scenario # 22, as parents do not have the money to send their children to school to improve their lifestyle and teach them to stick to the street, the sun.

Slowly, people are aware of the situation. Volunteers built houses in the settlements from the funds they provide. It's fantastic that people have such a reason for their heart, but it would be great if more people knew life on the street. If you look at ocean-facing mansions, you really stop and think.

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