Child is just health insurance

If your child was trying to love her health insurance plan, she probably realized that no one would ever write any more. All major carriers, such as Aetna, CIGNA, Humana, etc., no longer accept a child's request unless the parent or guardian is in the form.

Fortunately, we found a way to write children – only health insurance plans. But first let me give you a little background.

While new health legislation implements many important changes, some of these have unwanted consequences. This is what happens when you issue a 2,700-page bill without reading

The new bill requires health insurance carriers to adopt children under the age of 19 regardless of their former status

health insurance carriers have decided that the parent with the plan they want the child to try and mitigate the cost of covering the costs. That's why you run like a chicken, cut off and try to find health insurance for your children.

We could turn this new regulation into some short-term insurance.

Short term long term insurance is a complete medical plan with some limitations. Especially:

  1. Plans need to be renewed every 6 or 12 months (depending on where you live).
  2. Does not cover existing conditions.
  3. Does not cover good care or checks. Usually there is no pay for office visits or recipes. Everything goes to the deduction.

Except for the above, they provide adequate coverage for a medical event. I think it is more a "just in the case" type plan. The most important thing is to accept the child without the parent in the plan with them.

There are no alternatives and fools that there is no health insurance cover for your children.

You can add these designs with additional accessories.

We recommend an accident plan that covers accidents or injuries without completing the deductibility of the plan. The whole family plan costs around $ 40 per month.

One of our plans is cheap, providing 24-hour consultation with your doctor. This is a very valuable service because you can call the phone for a number of minor issues.

You can add a professional bargaining service to your plan for around $ 7. They will find you at the lowest cost providers for tests, surgery and other costly treatments. They are also negotiating for you to get the best prices for medical services.

As long as the Congress does not address the health-related disorder, we must all face the shortcomings of the new law. If there was a better way to cover children under the age of 19, then I would tell you about it.

Of course, you can contact me for more information. These plans are available in most states.

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