Child Health – Worm Infection

If a child with a worm infection is a parent and you do not want to handle all kinds of strong medicines, you can treat yourself well. Ayurveda has some easy cures to help your baby get rid of worms. Before you know these simple ayurvedic treatments, it's good to know what kind of worms can damage your child's health and what condition these worms can cause to avoid their recurrence.

Frequent Types of Worms

If you look at your child's stool and see long white or pink tiny fibers like forms, your doubts were right: your child got worm infection. The common varieties are:

  • Round worm (Ascaris): Around 10-20 cm long, round, thin white / pink worm.
  • Threadworms (Thread Worms): These are white, small and thin like fine threads.
  • Hookworms (ankylostomes): These are tiny dark-pink, not visible in the stool.
  • Band Saws (Taniea saginata / solium): flat and very long approx. 2-3 meters.

There are many other types of worms that cover not only children but adults.

Causes of Worm Infection

The main cause of worm infestation is malnutrition and poor hygiene.

  • Any person infected sexually. If the open fields are released, the eggs of worms from stools of infected humans and animals find the soil and grow there. Children playing such contaminated soil can easily be infected with the worms.
  • Those kids who eat without washing their hands are transporting naughty eggs to their nails in their stomach where they become fully-grown worms. These worms cling to the intestinal lining and they suck blood that leads to anemia and other symptoms of worm infection. The size of obstructive intestines causing acute pain may increase and the patient will fall into a condition requiring urgent care. Small-sized worms come out of the night anus to put eggs around, causing itching.
  • Some cysticercoid worms reach the stomach when eating infected pork or beef. They are even more dangerous because they can be confused in the blood and can reach the brain, the heart, the liver, and so on. And they prove to be fatal.
  • Use of indoors and others with towels, handkerchiefs, etc.
  • The consumption of unwashed vegetables and contaminated water is another cause of worm infection.

If you know the causes, you can prevent the disease, but what if worms are infected with your baby? You know how to cure the worm's condition with simple ayurvedic medications read worm infection .

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