Child health and safety issues

Children's health or safety is facing us every day. Every generation is smarter, bolder and more curious than the previous generation. That is why it is imperative to deal with security issues and keep our children in mind.

There is a recent concern about summer time, as the drowning of children reached unmarried heights. Even one child dies, casual choking is too much, and something that no parent or guardian can forgive. The fencing and closing doors around the pools have been realized in the public as well as the tragedies that have occurred in recent years.

Other children's health or safety issues lead to overseas imported toys. Although lead has been banned in the USA for paint toy since the late 1970s, there are still no restrictions on other countries and may be used for their economic or educational risks. America's responsibility is to educate and possibly help finance these countries and companies to switch to non-lead paints.

Plastic lead can also contain, but it has been jerked from plastic to children's toys. Lead makes the plastic more flexible and durable in heat. But the health problem is that if the plastic is exposed to certain detergents, the chemical bond between lead and plastic breaks down and dust is formed which can be inhaled and can lead to respiratory infections and other incubation diseases.

Children's health or safety issues should be at the forefront of the country's questions, as we now know better about chemical interactions and the residues exposed to certain conditions such as washing liquids. A prosperous country is one of the most important problems of citizens' health and safety and the deliberate change in production.

Do-it-yourself kits were placed on the market for lead testing. However, they do not indicate the level of elements and there was no decision as to how reliable these kits are in detecting low lead levels. Only a laboratory test can accurately determine the true level of lead in paint or plastic. Laws are enforced to limit the use of lead paints and plastics.

School playgrounds replace the concrete and the blackboard surfaces are replaced by mulch, wood chips and sand so that the children rest and fall in price. The most effective security feature is adult supervision and instruction for children not to jump off the swing or jungle gymnastics to prevent broken legs and twisted ankles.

With the advances in technology, it is important for our children to improve their safety and health and to develop their knowledge of leadership tests and statistics.

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