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Child Care in the Big City

If you ever need childcare then you know how hard it is to find the right one at the right price. The determination of childcare depends on the age and type of child. Some Options and Comparison:

Child Care Center:

Practical Care Hours: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm

Cost: $ 40-70 a day for children between 2 and 4 years of age

. It teaches them how to play in a group and helps them learn valuable social skills such as sharing and communicating. Most kindergartens have a variety of activities for children during the day, where they meet somewhere in the sun. In general, the proportion of children is good for supervisors, and some centers have started video uploads from their site so you can see the number while you are away from them. Child care centers will pick up the children as soon as possible and will be held up until they get the benefit. Some also have state-funded pre-categories financed by the state.

Some potential disadvantages of daytime centers are that the child does not receive personal attention from his mother. This is sometimes a rough awakening, combined with precautions on the daylight door or denying your feet. Let me assure you that it will pass away and if you can land on the ground you can feel good on the weekend. Good kids always have the bad guys, the riders, the wanderers and the real average. Maybe you have to deal with these valuable pieces of pumpkin when you are torturing. The key to dealing with such situations is to take diplomatic action and not lose your patience. Equally important, the biter learns to be nice to others because the baby can apologize.

My daughter attended a local Kew Gardens day care service from 2 to 5 years of age. In these years he created friends who are still 10 years old and some of the highly trained teachers have learned early reading skills. They were also bitten, bought and sick of all the children who picked their noses and wiped them to the wall. The choice is yours. Here, in Queens, day care centers are hard to find, and sometimes not good alternatives. I was lucky to be close to my home, but sometimes it is not.

Home Day Care:

Typical care: Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 18:00. This can be negotiated with a daily allowance

Cost: $ 35-50 a day, usually meals

Home day care is out of stock, usually a mother and her own baby. There are not so many children in this kind of environment, and sometimes they can have more trouble for infants and toddlers who are not participating in the workout. Caregivers are generally very loving and their child becomes part of a more friendly care environment than a family. They are dealing with children, but they are much less structured than a center. You need to ask what kind of activities and schedules you have to have some idea of ​​what your baby is doing during the day. I would suggest that kind of care for a baby or young toddler.

Home daycare is often not regulated by the Ministry of Education or Health. This means you need to be constantly aware that the child's environment is clean and safe. You should also be able to make a quick statement with the nurse as he will be the only eye on your child every day. I'm a big fan of home day-care at home. In general, there are good aspects of a larger center and a cozy atmosphere. I am also a fan of craigslist, where you can find many lists of home daycare services.


Typical Care Hours: Negotiable

Cost: $ 9 – $ 15 / hour

Quick comment on pricing and budget for a sit-in. If you are working with a baby while working, be sure to count your travel time and actual working time in the budget. Try adding a few more hours to the date of the night or simply running the traffic.

Babysitters can come from many sources, babysitting services, craigslist and rumor to name a few. Your goal is to find the babysitter who is close to you. The closer they live, the more flexibility they have with the schedule and the more likely they will be in time. If a home who commutes to his home is late, he will be waiting in the door, not entertaining. Babysitter is a good part-time solution for the evening and the weekends. Unlike the dad, child care is usually not full time. Students or waiters may try to earn extra money. That is why it is nice if some babysitter's name and number on the phone are only available if one is unavailable.

Trust is a big issue when choosing the right scavenger. Because you will not have a little or no supervision with your child, you should be able to implicitly trust in it. This is a difficult task for a virtual alien, but he must rely on his or her parents' instinct to help choose and trust the right person. Encouraging parental instinct, social security number, driver license number, and emergency contact has a small way to set up ease.

Live Out Nanny:

Typical Care Hours: Full Time 40 Hours a Week Part Time 20 Hours a Week. Usually from Monday to Friday

Cost: $ 600 to $ 1200 a week, depending on what factors I'm going to discuss.

Live Out Nanny is probably the most expensive childcare facility for your home. Dad keeps his career in the care of the children. Some of them have a degree in child education and have a CPR certificate. They can cook, play clean, play games and know the safety of children. They are good for children of all ages, wherever babies are taken for long walks or picking up the elderly from school. Doping can be provided from dad agencies, craigslist, a private addiction to the newspaper, and a number of dazzling web pages. The pay scale varies per person and depends on the level of experience and the hours you are looking for. You and your nurse need to talk in advance about how much you want to pay for, in your books (which you need to do paperwork) or on a cash basis where you are responsible for declaring what you are doing and having your own health care. Dada is technically a worker of your family, first you have to arrange this thing before you start your job. I think a good starting point for a good nanny is $ 100 a day, and the possible salary increase will remain longer during employment. But then he does not live on the Upper East Side again.

Things that look for a nurse are his early and English skills. If older, it is worth considering the energy level with the care of a toddler. You may not be able to chase after a newly run-in tot while heading for a big intersection. If you are younger you may not have the patience to handle a screaming, incomprehensible infant. The same applies to linguistic skills; he may not be a dad who has a limited English language to pacify his toddler who just learns to speak. The call is yours, but it always goes with the person you most trust in doing your best kiss interest.

Living in Dad:

Typical Care: Full Time 40 Hours a Week Part Time: 20 Hours a Week. Usually Monday to Friday

Cost: Weekly $ 250 to $ 600, including subsistence costs, such as food, room, possibly mobile phones, extra cables, etc.

Live In Nanny is one of the most cost effective ways to care for your children when they work full-time or irregular working hours. They live with their family at home and take care of the kids during the hours they work or away. The benefits of Live In Nanny are that all the Nanny offers, but without the mad price tag. You really are part of your family and your children can be very attached to them. I existed in Live In 4 years and worked for our family. Available 24 hours a day, there is never a chance of delay or emergence.

There are some logistics you can decide before deciding whether you have a Live In Nanny. There is a room or basement that can be lived and clean. Let's get in the third bedroom and share a bathroom with my daughter. You have to stop yourself and your family from notifying me that I'm now a roommate who describes her privacy and respect. If you succeed, you can have very long and successful relationships with Live In.

Then there is the issue of salary and subsistence costs. This is how you can work with your Nanny, and you can see a scenario with which you both feel good. We pay $ 400 a week and include your room and food. You can negotiate a smaller weekly payout and you can enter things like a cell phone, a metro card, and other incentives that are not as expensive as you normally spend. This is not the case in most cases, but has provided some home leave if this is desirable.

Au Pair:

Typical Care Hours: Full Time 35 Hours a Week Part Time: 20 Hours a Week.

Cost: Weekly $ 160 to $ 350, including subsistence costs, such as food, rooms, cell phones, extra cable TV, training, etc.

Au Pair is another word for a mother helping. They live in your home and usually work on a call if you have to go to the store and want your free time. Usually young foreign young girls who like to live in another country. They may also come from the United States, but usually come from small towns. It is a good source to look at au pairs and to hire American citizens with a great Au Pair. You have a free search engine and pay when you start contacting people if you want to see anyone interview you. If you want to hire someone from abroad, you must legally pass through an Au Pair agency. They charge a fee and help you with paperwork and Au Pair preparation. The agency fee and the Au Pair payment in cash usually cost about $ 350 a week, although you will have to pay a part of it with a lump sum.

Some families like mine at one point offer Au Pairs instead of their nanny to save the costs. But the reality is that Au Pairs is not a nanny. Young people may be over 18 and have very little experience in child care. However, they also experience a new local culture and language while trying to care for their children. This is not necessarily bad, but requires extra effort on your part. You take the responsibility you need to help and help your local system.

Your Family:

Typical Care Hours: Flexible

Cost: Free – This can not be beaten.

During the recession, two working parents and still have not enough money to pay for the bill, sometimes their own family is the only option for childcare. I find that when you ask for your family's help, it's important to extend the responsibility if you can prevent a person from feeling the burden. An example might be to ask two days a week from your parents, siblings, cousins, and friends. Thus, a person has to commit only 2 days in 10 days, depending on how many people may be asked. This ensures that people who are watching their expensive little muffins are ready to take care of them in the best possible way. Do not assume that the family only takes extra mile because it's your family.

The city is a wonderful place to raise children in every possible way. These options also apply to childcare. There are groups of mothers, dada sharing, and all kinds of services that are available as parents. You are here to decide which one is suited to your family.

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