Child Care – Where is the dollar?

In this article we will find that the amount spent on childcare is actually going.

Believe it or not, the average US 3 or more families have childcare spending behind the fourth, the house, the food, and the taxes. Since childcare is so expensive that parents paid to carers believe that service providers and centers themselves drift pastry. The sad truth is that this is not the case. So hopefully this article gives you a very good idea of ​​how much your childcare dollars are going.

The first and most important part of good childcare is to have enough qualified people to operate a child care center. Most of the children in the care center are the ones who need to take care of them, as very young children need to pay attention to themselves, as opposed to centers with older children who can work in groups or independently. The reason for this is that at the care center staff costs up to 50% or more of the total budget and operating costs. The other 50% of the space, rent, or mortgage on the building, insurance, teaching materials, snacks and utilities.

Over the years, these fixed costs dramatically dramatized the price of food, oil, and insurance sales due to fraud, arson and other crimes. Nevertheless, the prizes awarded by the centers have remained broadly the same when adjusted to inflation. For this to be translated, this means that salaries for childcare teachers have fallen by 25% since the 1970s.

The sad fact is that meals paid to childcare providers are far behind what they have to do and it is therefore difficult to find highly educated people. In 1995, estimated childcare teachers average around $ 15,000 a year, which is not too high above the poverty line. Assistant teachers averaged $ 11,000 in the same period. Even with the professions of primary school teachers, these salons are also low.

Because of such low salaries, staff turnover in nursing centers is so high. This is a concern for parents because high-traffic children survive the use of personalized care. Due to the high traffic, the relationship between the caregiver and the child is usually very impersonal and cold. This is not a good environment for your child. As a result, the child's language and social skills develop more slowly than children who receive proper care.

The solution to this problem is to work with the government to get adequate funding for these facilities and to work with the facilities themselves. Get all the information about a nearby facility. Find out if the teachers paid for sick leave and benefits. If not, campaign for these things. Make your voice. Let people in charge of financing these facilities know they are not satisfied with the quality of their care.

You may be surprised to find that there are people in the government who are listening, especially if you have children.

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