Child Care Transition

Childcare decisions

Most parents are dissatisfied and worried when they are the best choice for caring for their children. Placing a child in childcare facilities can be the first thing to be a neurodevelopmental experience for both parents and children. However, taking into account the busy lifestyle of most parents, this is the most sensitive and inevitable option. Selecting a childcare facility that parents feel confident and trusting in their children's well-being, and pre-child behavior and the child in everyday life by reducing the childcare facility to reduce anxiety in this transition phase. Some parents and children show such extreme reactions in the childcare environment to require counseling from a psychologist!

Positive Child Care Transition

One of the most commonly used methods for facilitating the transition to mental preparation for the child. Before the childcare program actually begins, parents need to convince the child of the reality that they will be away from home for the next few hours or for a few hours from their parents' presence. Parents should start talking to the child about various types of activities that would form part of the childcare program. The child must be acquainted with the rules / rules that form part of a typical childcare environment. Parents should try to separate themselves from each other for the child – only to the extent that the child learns the idea of ​​not being with the parents.

Another important aspect of this childcare transition is to recognize the child's special requirements and to ensure that they are met in childcare and kindergarten systems. When choosing the most appropriate child care center, try the best and near spot. This would reduce the scheduling / delivery problems associated with the childcare format.

Childcare facilities:

  • Child Care Centers where the child provides a group setting. He is socialized with other children, usually in the same age group, and is supervised by many trained or uneducated childcare providers.
  • Family care centers will ensure that the child remains in the caretaker's home. Children may or may not have the same age, but they can enjoy the home environment.
  • Some neighbors have in-house childcare facilities. Here, a childcare provider is provided and visits the parent / child's home to take care of the child.
  • The most popular choice is kindergartens / preschools / play schools. These are professionally managed child care centers. Here the child is taken up in a well-structured, basic curriculum that is supported by the presence of trained pre-school teachers.

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