Child Care Plan – 2009 Child Health Insurance Program

2009th On 4 February, President Obama signed a new bill and received another four million teenagers and teenagers younger than 18 years in the United States to be eligible for health insurance and direct medical assistance. The law will enter into force by 2013. Children and teenagers who previously did not cover any health insurance for some reasons have been eligible for reinstatement of the law.

It is a fact that the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has been running for quite a long time since 1997, but it is only for families with lower incomes or for those unable to obtain a specific health insurance plan due to medical quotation. This program provides health care for seven million children. Initially, it was designed to help children and pregnant women in families who are looking for too much money for Medicaid but too little to provide a private health insurance plan.

Basically, this program is jointly funded by federal and state governments. Yet it is a state-run program. Each USA has its own eligibility rules and conditions to provide healthcare to uninsured children. This year the program expanded with the benefits of the nation's children.

In general, it is practiced in the majority of states that every child who earns a household income of four years old family members is entitled to $ 3,600 a free or low-cost health insurance scheme. This newly revised plan includes a fee for visiting physicians, immunization, medicines, hospital treatment, emergencies and other medical expenses. In addition, dental and mental hygiene services are also guaranteed. However, this program is not open to illegal immigrants.

Between 2009 and 2013, the government will raise about $ 30 billion in spending on this issue. Increased funding is covered by the growth of cigarette tax. Based on this plan, that more children will be eligible for better quality medical care, the health of the state will be provided by the state government.

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