Child Care – know which provider is in charge of home life

Both parents who are employed today have become common in most families. Society has become open to the need for mothers to help the family. Thus, proper child rearing is a strong and primary problem for working parents, especially when children reach school age. Parents have the responsibility to find good institutions or individuals who provide childcare for children.

Child Care Options

Child care is repeatedly supervised by children in the absence of parents and guardians. Childcare is needed when minors are in the house where care is needed. When parents are away from work, the child care provider will act as the second parent. In some cases, parents need to be provided by children when quality time needs to be removed from home at the same time.

Depending on the status of the parents and the age of the child, childcare can be every day or occasional. Child care can be done in the children's home, at the child care center, or at the home of the guardian or day care center.

Parents usually choose home childcare, such as dada, babysitter, au pair, and gobrence, because it is a belief that their home is safer for children.

The Dad

In the old days, the nannies are only used by the rich or the aristocrats. Nowadays, many families use nannies, with the exception of the traditional concept of a nanny wearing uniforms.

Dada is a person who cares for children to provide the necessary childcare. The basic tasks include childcare during the agreed hours set by the employer; supports the intellectual and social development of children; the protection of children from the price; food preparations; adequate communication with employers; and sometimes keeping home cleanliness.

Dada can be hired as a live or live-out employee full-time. Formal training is generally not necessary, but it is beneficial. Parents decide that the dad has a previous work experience.


Unlike a nanny, a babysitter is hired on a part-time basis, usually only if the parents are still working or working on weekends. Childcare does not require formal training. Babysitters are mostly teens who need extra money. While training is unnecessary, babysitters must have adequate skills in an emergency.

Au Pair

The French term "equal" means the au pair is a foreign, usually a non-married woman aged between 18 and 26, who visits a host family for two years. The au pair is considered a member of the family and receives a personal allowance and a private room. During his stay, the au pair is responsible for helping childcare and housekeeping.

In view of the report, the au pair is not a helper. An au pair is part of the family's daily activities and organizes social events with them. The au pair service is the option of travel and cultural exposure.

The Governor

The housekeeper is a trained and educated childcare provider exclusively for the education of children.

Choosing the right childcare option for the family for a reasonable period of time and extensive research. It is worth noting that parents should never be dependent on children's care only for children's growth. More importantly, parents need to keep the time for the children to be in the adult age.

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