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When you leave children at a daycare center, you experience a lot of things that can affect your child's behavior and personality. One of the cruel things that a day care home needs to decide is the discipline that is given to children. When the child is upset and crying, it is difficult to decide whether to allow the child to cry or comfort the child. Everyone knows this decision is important for the child's development. But behind these two methods there are two basic philosophies. Those who believe that children need to cry, believe that crying children will develop the child's self-preserving methods. This will help the children to console themselves.

However, they also believe that weeping is also the exercise of the lungs. They also think that if the kids are constantly rest assured, this will spoil the child, which is not good when he grows up. You will know the idea that when he takes care of everything he wants, he'll get it. On the other hand, those who believe that it is important to think of the child that crying is the child's way of communication. They believe that weeping is a sign of starvation, discomfort, loneliness and fear of different emotions. They think, therefore, that weeping must respond by reassuring the child. Talk to the daycare center if there is a way you think it will be best for your child.

When choosing your child's child care center, you can ask about their discipline policy, which includes suppression. US state law prohibits day-care homes from resorting to violence in the discipline of their children. They do not allow you to create threats and disruptions in every way. But there are some states that allow daytime caregivers to become children's discipline tools. This is done with the consent of the parents. Guarding is usually limited to children over five years of age. It is also necessary to have acne only on the bottom of the child. But besides spanking, there are other ways to discipline children. Some people believe that child repression can only result in a child aggressive and violent when the child grows up. Make sure you talk to your childcare provider about the type of discipline your children want.

You also need to have daytime care to literally discipline your children. Verbal words may seem innocuous, but the truth is that harmful words can have a great impact on your child. So it is better for your childcare provider to positively evaluate your children's criticisms. We also recommend that staff always speak calmly with children. The use of cry and profane words is forbidden. If you have any oral guidance, talk to someone who cares for your child to be aware of how they love their children.

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