Child Care Activities

Children are the best of years to get to know themselves, other people and the world around them in early childhood. This period starts from 6 months to 60 months. Thus, parents or child caregivers set up numerous childcare activities to preserve children who want to learn.

The infant of the birth of activates all five senses. The parent places the baby in the cozy and comfortable room, nourishes the food and nurturing it. There are also childcare activities that are already underway. Nutrition time, sleep time, playing time and learning time are general categories of the program for the entire day.

Singing in the hall or listening to beautiful music is one of the ways to encourage learning. Do you know that he developed the baby's eye coordination and shape recognition by seeing a music mobile slowly turning over her while she was preparing to sunbathe in the crib? Sounds from Your Voice and other people's sounds help to develop the infant's ability to determine the person speaking even when the baby's eyes are closed. In her infancy she cares for childcare when she gives a bath to a baby, massage her body, let her to touch her thumb or just rub her nose on her face. These babies feel they love them.

When the baby grows 18 months later, she will have a baby who can walk, talk in a few words, distinguish colors and numbers from memory, and move your body to exercise. Keeping in the air and bringing with you childcare activities that will inspire your confidence and confidence in you.

When your toddler can use his hand to eviscerate or keep a spoon, he or she is doing an activity that can develop motor skills. Running in the yard climbs up the stairs, and childcare activities sliding down a slope, improving their balance and improving their ability to estimate distance.

Some educational games are a useful tool for raising awareness and enriching memory. Reading the story at bedtime or playing the instruments might be useful to open the baby's mind to fantasy and fantasy. Whenever you hear stories and music over and over again, it recreates the scenes and plays in a color like a theater. As soon as a child reaches kindergarten age, but approaching the year, he will go to an official school (young and old), understanding the role of each family member, discovering the world (stars, moon, sun, seas, nature). values ​​of the family (honesty, humility, compassion).

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