Camp Shelby, MS: Review of the spouse

Wow, where do I start? The Shelby Camp is all for you. Nothing is normal or simple to be stationed here. However, not all is terrible, as many would think. Just a certain understanding.

The first thing to understand is that this is a MS National Guard post. The government has deployed it for the training of war armies. This means that there are Active Duty, Reserve (TPU, Mobilized and AGR) and National Guard (mobilized). The money panes do not mix up and learn how everything works, it can be confusing. Here's what you need to know as a spouse before you leave.

There is no house. You will live with the post. However, there is a home office with a housing program. People in the community can put their house on Camp Shelby's list. They release the government, and in Shelby camp, they put soldiers and their families in these houses. These are NICE houses and you can usually choose more that are available.

There is a catch here, only certain ranks are available and the rules that have been set have been changed five times for two years. So you will need the soldier to call the house and see if he is eligible. If you are eligible, use the program. This will be for your benefit.

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None. There is no ACS, no commissar … nothing. It is a national guard that serves only the basic needs of soldiers. So if you need anything you need to find Hattiesburg community (or wherever you live) Subscribe from the post

Hattiesburg outside the community Camp Shelby. Ordinary size with many restaurants, dormitories and churches. If we are not in the south (we did not), some would get used to it, but people are friendly and support the community. ] There is no medical care at Shelby Camp. You may think it's a hassle, but it's actually a great thing! Tricare Remote. This means that every doctor who takes Tricare (all of them are in Hattiesburg) and every doctor knows the operation of Tricare. The baby saw a civil pediatrician, saw a civilian, etc. Great!

The two hospitals are Forrest General and Wesley Medical. Both are very good. Soldiers are automatically sent to Forrest General, but the family can choose. We do not have any complaints about any medical care in Hattiesburg, MS

The dentist is also a great experience. You will choose dentists. There are some only for children, adults only, families, etc.


There is no child care at Camp Shelby. Your children must be used in Hattiesburg and there are many. For more information, see the Hattiesburg article. As there is no childcare in the Shelby Camp, you are entitled to eliminate childcare costs. Be sure to visit NAACRA's website and see if you are eligible. Please note that many childcare providers accept these funds but are not on the web site. Ask each service provider whether they are part of the program.

The Shelby camp can be very intimidating for those who lived in military facilities. But community-based posts can be very rewarding. Keep in mind that you are open, ask questions and try not to be disappointed. Find a spouse who was there for a while and ask them to help you. If your device has a FRG, it can also help.

Hold your head. This experience will be completely what you are doing. Build it up!

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