Call of Duty Party Ideas: tips for successful thematic birthday parties

If you plan on a Call of Duty theme party as a fan of the game, you might want to make some of the Call of Duty party ideas. This article contains some tips on how to create a Call of duty birthday party with a limited Call of duty tour.


To send a message, you would like to invite some invitations to guests. You can find the unique style of Call of duty invitations from the ticket, VIP, photo style calling from eBay. Also, keep in mind that most vendors personalize invitations with a special message, with their child's name and age, and with other important details, just ask for a quote.

Another option to save money is a few pieces, such as card, printed images of characters or army style templates. Finding these templates searches for quick searches on Google.

Decorating a Birthday Cake

Use this kind of cake maker to decorate your cake for this theme. Another option is to use COD game data as a cake or small green army, playing as many as kids.

Edible cakes from lunch can also be used for images. From the game, from the Call of Duty logo, you can find a whole range of themes that can be tailored to your birthday message. Edible cake pictures are indeed easy to apply to a cake and this makes one of the best choices for decorating a cake at home.

Party Decorations

Decorations reflect on theme colors. Colors such as green, black and army camouflage work well. In these colors, you can buy half ribbons, balloons and confetti and embrace them around the party room.

Think of military-themed birthday supplies as part of decorations. There are tank shaped balloons, camouflage birthday banners, and army wall buds that contain helicopters, tanks, and soldiers, which can be picked up from a local bargain shop or an online source.


Military Matters. Favorites like dog tags, mini green soldiers, Medal of Honor style buttons or stickers would be great. Also consider some camouflage or army benefits. If you want more answers, drop the candy packed in the COD candy wrap. These can be found on eBay. Another alternative would be to simply purchase a pre-loaded box of boxes with a military or army that comes with a number of favors compatible with the subject.

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