Bucket O Soldiers: Animated Green Masters for Your Child

The Bucket O soldiers will remind you of old days when you played with toys or even with metal armies with your friends. These game soldiers are the actors of the popular Toy Story movies. In the films, the 200-man army carries out the missions led by Woody and the band. The "Do not Leave Me" motto, these soldiers are ready to spy on new games or find Woody's hat. There are only 72 armies in the game version package. However, this is still enough to allow your children to imagine the hours and hours of imaginary play classes. The animated game soldiers are equipped with a flat sole so they can be easily set up on any surface.


Amusing Bucket O soldiers offer interesting features as follows:

1. The 72 Green Army is exactly designed to look like the ones in the movie.

2nd Soldiers are 2 "tall, larger than the average plastic armies found in most of the toy stores.

3. The game soldiers are fixed to flat base plates that allow their children to stand up easily.] 4. There are 12 different poses for men:

5. Two figures come from work parachutes


There are extra points you get in the package:

1.72 soldiers are enough to make the army entertain it; the number includes ten peasants, ten fighters, ten bullets and so on

2. The quality of the soldiers is excellent, compared to typical military men, there is no good detail between the toy stores, these items are much better, the soldiers are strong enough not to break it easily , when they were accidentally touched

3. The 12 different poses allow their children to become different battles [19659004] 4. Soldiers are in great detail designed silk, will find that facial features and even details are clearly defined.

5th The game army has smooth edges. This will not cause injury to your child's foot when it is switched on.

6th Soldiers offer more durability. Since the batteries are made of high quality plastic, they will last even if your child often uses them for outdoor play, such as a sandbox.

7th This game has a strong bucket that can be used to store green armies. There is a handle so it is easy to transport.

8th Bucket o The soldier is a great game to encourage your child's fantasy. With these soldiers, you can create an unlimited imagination battle and include other games such as tanks or cars.


The only disadvantage of this game is that it is more expensive than the typical plastic soldiers. However, the amount of money you spend is proportionate to the quality you purchase. These game soldiers are made of high-quality materials that last for years with frequent use.

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