Blood Diamonds, this is Africa – TIA

Western world wants bright diamonds bling bling

Ugly human costs in Africa bling bang!

Women do not really care as long as they find a pretty rock

With their finger when they have a wedding ceremony

A self-centered society dissociated from the world

Does not take the removal of hands with a sword

The limbs slavery and amputation evil

Revolutionary people who have greed and are ready to bleed

Nations and their children make their children slaves

The soldiers of luck to the smugglers are the misfortunes of others

Keep the Peace Army until it is no longer can help.

Civilian Organizations Help Some and Some Benefit

Missionaries Save the Souls with Salvation, but Do not Forget Reformation

Party of the Former Patriots Playing, Marrying

Governors do not know, whether or not they want to take over and govern

Advanced Messages and Unsustainable Causes

Governing Governments Insist To Steal To Exile

Degradation and Destr The World War I 1964 Can not Understand [19659002] Proud and miserable unprecedented unrest

Social instability that has best eliminated life

Such a violent, cruel violence

Ambitious menus, women and men among children

Child soldiers outside West Africa more than 200 000

M Harassment, Forced Harassment and Intellectual Inductration [19659002] Weapons Deal With Deadly Diamond Weapons

Mercenaries, Guerrillas, and Aliens Armed Forces Quickly

Leased Tenants Who Hope With Despairing

Jewelry, Gold, Oil Servants and Everything

To quickly enrich and fill their banks.

In the meantime, our academics discuss the theoretical teachers

on MTV and the Hollywood party, teach a lesson

For New African Thieves and Criminals

Ready to actually reflect our fun imagery

Concluding that many of us are guilty of murdering temptation, torture, and teaching

Connect completely, cultural attachment

101, homicide to the people of the planet

Wonderful Countries That Are Breaking

Milk Refugees Created by War Brutality

Bitter, broken, distorted, forgotten, and destroyed psychics were broken, their bodies severely beaten

Tired prisoners of war were hiding by apartheid

Bloody Tribal and Civil Wars Outside Number

Non-human contempt and disregard for human life [1965] 9002] The Dark Continent With Nutrition, Bloodbaths and Hellic Moments

No Time to Sing and Replace the Sweet Feelings

Continuous Slavery From Sudan to Other Countries

Daily Diamond Diets

The Killers, Casual and Career, constantly killing

I do not care about mediation or trial

This suggests that people are treated mercifully

War has hardened that they are not emotionally engaged

They leave a lot of time thinking,

Blood is rising faster than their ankles

Here the darker side is coming up soon

and cheating

The identity of the individual and the identity of the individual the longing for mankind

Father's desire to keep his family together


No one is immune to the 1964

The war catastrophe is approaching faster

The erroneous procurement process

Diamond auditors are seldom transparent

Therefore, the buyer must be diligent [19659002]] It is like iron that is protected against atrocities

Guarantees the diamond we buy

No blood or brutality

The diamond purchased is non-conflict free

40 countries have signed Kimberly

to prevent the flow of blood diamonds

From the Carthusian and Sandland of the Motherland

To the ignorant consumers of Western lands.

Let's talk about, let's be ashamed of the industry, which ruthlessly destroys valuable populations.

The diamonds come from the heart of the earth

The mechanism of God to test the hearts of men

People do their best to possess them

They make countless bloody wars

Everyone who touches their blood on their hands [19659002] Forgive us for what we did on this earth.

This is what we call a global economy

Internationally Linked and Connected

Take Care of Company Policy

When Choosing

Such discovery can end the struggle suddenly

Tirelessly nourish the opportunity

Van Der Kamp and others deny commercial bloody diamonds

Give the diamond's exercise selectivity

Mining history and geography

the appearance of scarcity significantly increases the price

Listen to the cliché of the bloody Africa MMBA Miles and Symbols

"God has long left this place," some say

TIA – It is Africa; AWA – Africa Wins Again

Defeat and Despair Become Shared Friendship

Scriptures, War Impoverished and Hopeless

We Want Someone to Come And Help Us

No More TIA, God Is Revealed Today! Modify our paths.

Anointing and sending more people than Reinhard Bonnke

Deepening Africa deeply in the hearts of the leaders

Immediate action and strategic intervention

Reaching the desire more and kindly

Revised, reforming and completely transforming [19659002] In the Red Blood, Our Common Unity

The Highest Resource and Commodity

Freedom, Security and Security

Fairly And Compassionately

So Full and Amazingly Blossom

Sing and Rejoice and celebrate victoriously

As Africa comes together peacefully.

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