Beginning of Day Care – Where to Introduce a New Day Care Center?

So you decided to start a kindergarten center. Congratulations. Women are financially independent throughout the country and make a big income by creating day-care homes. When done correctly, daytime use can become a highly lucrative business. It can be fun.

But daycare at home, like any business, requires customers. In order to get these customers, you must advertise your business. But how to advertise and where?

Most parents choose the daytime center that is close to your home. No one wants to move too much to take the child to his day-care center before he goes to work. This means you do not advertise too far from home, but you have to choose the right places to advertise.

It's a great way to promote day-to-day home with leaflets. Print a few hundred leaflets with a simple message that includes the name of your daycare home, your name, address, and phone number. There is no time to be shy. Anyone who reads the flyer needs to know how close your home is to where you live. You need the phone number to get in touch with you. Do not worry, a few hundred flyers spends very little and can be very effective when placed in the right places.

You want your flyer to be where the parents are going. Here are some great places to put leaflets on:

1. Outside the local supermarket. Parents and especially mothers do the shopping, so they visit the supermarket at least once a week. The flyer is placed on the advertising board near the entrance.

2nd Many parents go to the gym, so place a flyer near the gym.

3rd Put some leaflets near schools. School-goers often have small brothers. Parents often resign from their older child at school. Some people do it on a daily basis. Your leaflets must be there.

4th The same is true of out-of-school activities. For example, if a small league baseball field is approaching your area, place some of your daily flyers at the entrance. Parents think about their children and see the flyers. The same thing goes to the center of out-of-school activities.

If you place new flyers that promote new day-to-day hosting at these sites and others like these, they will be new customers and bring a lot of revenue from day-care. One of the warnings: do not get bored, because people will be angry with you. Place leaflets in billboards or request permission.

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