Are toys important for children?

Let's look at the importance of games for children's development. Before the first year, babies begin to discover how they use their four most important feelings – sound, odor, touch and vision. At this stage, babies can associate sounds and smells with something. For example, if the baby is listening to her mother's voice, she will be able to match her voice to her mother's face. The same smell. They recognize odors and associate with certain people. Games that produce sound and music when the baby has taken some action are very useful at this stage. Some examples of these classic toy rinks, rubber ducks and music games. To improve the infant's fragrance, all you have to do is have some smell and show the source of smell.

At this stage, infants can use their hands a little, making them feel more comfortable. The same holds true for a sense of sight. Developing babies is a touch of touch, you can give them games like plastic and other games with different textures. Thanks to their vision, they can deliver colorful picture books for loud and other game designed for children, which are clear and uniform.

For babies around the age of 1-2, they enhance their social skills and parents' independence. In this age, children love to build and manipulate things. They can give them Lego, building blocks and simple games that can be operated. When infants reach 18 months, they are free to enjoy their freedom because they can now be themselves and sometimes they can run. Give them games for d that make them more active with them, such as bullets, fire stations, games that can hear sound or create noisy and character games that are commonly seen on TV. At this stage, you can start reading stories or singing a child because they learn to talk. We also recommend that parents talk frequently with their children.

From the age of 2, they can now count on and talk better. They have also improved their motor skills, such as running and climbing, and gaining strength. Parents can give them toys that can be thrown or thrown and games that can move and talk like toy cars, robots, walking and talking dolls. It is also highly recommended to play cars that can ride or press.

In addition, children of three years are very active. Parents should give them outdoor games, such as bicycles, balls that can kick, catch and throw, and climb up the structures and rear gardens. At this stage, the creativity and imagination of the child is also developing, so parents need to play games that are appropriate for the child's development, for example dolls with clothes, trains and cars, baby houses and action numbers. They also tend to duplicate or imitate adults, so it is good for parents to give toys to toys that resemble adult devices, such as cooking kits, ironing boards and vases, carpentry tools, lawnmowers, or mechanical tools.

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