Archangels – Mercy Angels – Archangel Michael – Patron saint of police and toddlers

Who are the Angels of Grace? Merciful angels: Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Gabriel.

The expression of mercy is to be compassionate with you and others. Compassion offers another gift with a smile, a kind gesture like opening the door, listening to open letters. Transferring from the heart without anticipating the reward is the term grace. It is possible that we are more empathetic than pity.

There are many situations, many experiences can not be understood without walking in the other shoe. We can extend good humor, respect, and loving kindness while facing challenges through life.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael, whose name means "like God," is the patron saint of soldiers, policemen and toddlers. It calls on Archangel Michael to put the negative lower energies inside and around you. Michael Archangel can reach you in any place that cleans the way, cleans and transforms the negative time. Michael Archangel protects you from the negative thoughts and emotions of others, you just have to ask questions. Let us know you will be in integrity with your God, because you do not design arbitrary thoughts or malevolence to yourself or others. **

Ask Michael Archangel to clean up his office, desk, or cabin, at home, and the bottom, dirty energy of the car. It's as simple or complicated as you choose. It is possible to ask Archangel Michael to go before you, clearing his office before he arrives. If you remember asking him when he touches his hand with the door button or presses the office door, it will soon be enough to finish cleaning at the moment of delays.

Angels may be everywhere and everywhere at the same moment because there is no time or space boundaries; These are physical world theories.

Michael Archangel will help all those who ask. Specifically, Archangel Michael provides assistance in defining the goals of your life; easier transition through greater life changing. Archangel Michael's energy is very masculine; a very fiery energy that can change with a negative ether rope with its huge sword.

Colors commonly associated with Michael Archangel are deep green turmalin and ruby ​​red. During meditation weak, green ruby ​​red or white candles; focus on the flame, make your mind clear, speak your request aloud. Or if you decide to write your request on a sheet of paper, keep your hands under meditation, burning your query at the end of your meditation, which calls the request to the Universe. (Please observe the appropriate safety precautions!)

Light in the Darkness Shadows – Archangel Michael Michael's Message **

Speak to me in defense, covering all the lower negative energy from all places and situations. Call me on the protection of the lower negative energies that have been programmed around you. As the butterfly goes to the flame, your lamp attracts many butterflies. Many people strive to illuminate their own spirits along their path. Some people strive to put out the flame of light. Call upon me and on the beloved children of my brethren, for the light of the Creator will shine upon all layers of darkness. Let go of what does not belong to you. Release the fear of yourself. Let go of the fear they do not like. Let go of fear that you do not want everything. Open your heart, your soul, your body, and the Spirit to all those in front of you. As the light becomes brighter inside, know that you will lose some people because you will not see it. As the soft light becomes strong, you will know that some try to put off the Light of the Lord. Faith, trust, inner strength, your knowledge will be examined. Keep strong, alert, others' darkness. There are many people in the past years who have bought to destroy, conquer, try to extinguish the divine rock in all of them. You call on me and my brothers, protect and protect you from everything that is not love and light. Call me, I carry the light sword, which is strong enough to wipe the darkness and shadow. Call me and my brothers.

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