An obstacle to the physical activity of a child

Setting up obstacles is wonderful physical exercise for children. Kids get plenty of workouts while they're having fun. You can set a barrier course with existing items. Usually, an outdoor barrier is set up, but it can be a wonderful indoor activity when it is bad time.

To set up the obstacle course, think of terms such as jump, jump, climb, climb, go right, or go left. Physical activity of the child includes exercise of gross engine power, balance and coordination. Design the course by listing the skills that children need to practice. Eight to ten stations are a good number for school-age children.

  • Use a ladder on the ground to run through
  • Slipping under a table or between broom 2 chairs
  • Let's go over the ground hula hoops
  • Step across an obstacle like the 2 chairs at knee height [19659004
  • Leakage in and from columns made of PVC pipes placed in a sandstone pit
  • Push the two objects so close to the child's side
  • Toss the ball into the trash bin [19659004] Jumping or jumping with a 5-times jumper
  • Jump or jump to the next station (at least 5 times)
  • Take one object with a spoon (water ball outdoors, small ball in enclosed space)

You can set up this physical activity of a child to match the age, ability, and number of the group. First, simply build the obstacle and gradually increase the difficulty of each station.

If you want, it's time for kids to see how fast they can complete the course. Record individual times and see if they can exercise to improve their own age. Perform the physical activity of the children and complete them; the barrier process

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