All About Angel Tattoos

An angel is a spiritual being created by God. The word angel comes from a Greek word that is "messenger" or "messenger". The angles throughout history were portrayed by God's messengers and soldiers. They gave him his word and made crimes against humanity.


Angels serve as guardians of individuals and nations. The three largest religions in the world (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) mention the angels in their sacred texts. Angels are considered to be the link between Heaven and Earth and believe that God is a gift for our security, protection and guidance

In many ways, angels are depicted as winged creatures floating above the earth to protect themselves against evil elements of humanity

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are defenders of humanity during the crisis. These guardian angels are often seen or watching children.

It is true that David Beckham, the English captain and the star driver (football), said in his most recent autobiography about the significance of England's tattoo in the upper back, "I like the feeling that his sons are with me, even if away I am from home and not just in my heart, after all I have tattooed on my back, there is a guardian angel after both. "


The Archangels are the seven angels who stood before God in Revelation. These angels are closest to God's heavenly order. The Archangels are divine messengers between people and God. They are the sons of the dark. Of the seven Archangels, Michael is the most famous. They think Michael led the fight against the Lucifer (another Archangel) in the great rebellion. Michael is usually depicted in a body armor, holding a big sword, and his wings are ready.


Cherubs are the carriers of love. A good example is that Cupid uses his nose and arrow to shoot the hearts of unhappy people that fall in love each other. That is why there is an arrow through the heart, which usually angel tries tattoos. Often the name of a loved one is added to the Cupid tattoo.

Fallen Angels

The deceased angels symbolically symbolize the epic battle between God and Lucifer, symbolizing the symbol of Grace. In Jewish-Christian theology, believers say that when Lucifer and the army of dark angels defeated and left the sky, they said that these angels fell into the depths of the earth.

The typically failed angel tattoo is usually like a threatening, looking angel with a bloody sword in his hand. Other fallen angels are portrayed with broken or damaged wings or even horns. These angel tattoos often use a darker, heavier ink to make the design seem more corrupt. Fallen angels are especially popular with goths and cyclists, and with those who are devotees of Satan and dark arts.


Angels tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs for men and women alike. The angel tattoo is attractive because it represents peace, beauty, sober sense, exemplary morality and spirit.

An angel tattoo for a woman means turning to her soul to find her purest self-esteem. He is divine and often patient, and his presence is a gift. He protects himself, but others, and finds that sometimes beauty lies in distrust. And the wearer of the angel-tattoo believed that he did not do anything less and go where he needed it. For a man for angel tattoos, many things can be symbolic. Those who wear angel tattoos often love women very much. They often choose a sexy angel to represent their masculinity. These people choose angel tattoos to announce that they have a woman who is the Angel in their lives. This is a popular choice for men who feel strong about a woman, though this is not always the case. Most often, the real bad guys and cowboys are wearing the men who have them, swearing on these tattoos, saying they help them pick up women.

  • Drew Barrymore tattooed with his own body art gallery. A tattoo of an angel
  • The TV series "Charmed" Alyssa Milano has a tattoo with Angels.
  • Limp Bizkit Fred Durst consists of several different tattoo images including an angel [19659021] Amy Wesson, a supermodel, has an angel tattoo on its lower back. Angel tattoos are thought to reflect the wearer's personal relationship with God, whether solid or removed, with caution!

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