Abuse of children – what is the cause and effect?

Children have this right to be loved. But there are some who suffer in child abuse in the sense of the word. Abuse of children can mean physical, mental or sexual abuse for children. This can have a detrimental effect on the child, so extra support and attention should be paid.

Physical abuse affects physical abuse of children. This means that children are physically hurt or do not provide adequate nutrition. Emotional abuses or mental abuses are about child abuse abuses that affect their emotions. This includes children with the expression of vulnerable words, as well as often denigrating those who reduce their self-esteem. Sexual harassment, however, is abuse of the child's sexual characteristics. This is one of the worst cases of abuse of children.

Like any other abuse, child abuse also has the cause. There are many reasons for misuse of the child. The most important causes include mental illness and psychological problems. The trend is that people who are not in their minds can easily harm children, whether they are intentional or not.

Family problems are also the main causes of child abuse. Under the power of drugs, parents can easily breach their children. In addition, financial problems may require parents or other members of the family to use children as an outflow of emotions. Stress can also be used as a basis for abuse by children. It is good to know the causes of abuse for a particular child so that treatment and actions can be clearly defined. The Impact of Child Abuse on Children

is likely to have emotional and psychological problems whether or not they are displayed, and worse, the child may have suicidal tendencies. The impact of child abuse on the child depends on how much abuse is, the greater the abuse, the greater the impact on the child's overall condition.

Depression, stress and trauma are also child abuse in children. Children exposed to abuse also show circumstances such as difficulties in building relationships between people, low self-education, eating disorders and physical disabilities. Abuse of children can also reduce the self-esteem of your child who experienced it. [1] Treatment of child abuse

Most children experiencing child abuses are traumatic, especially those who are sexually abused. In such cases, psychotherapies are being prepared to solve the problem of the child concerned. Appropriate parental education is also a part of the child's treatment and prevention of child abuse

. Abuse of children is a matter that needs to be given the utmost attention as it involves the next generation of the world. This could be prevented by organizing family planning seminars to encourage parents to take care of their children. There are some organizations, such as UNICEF, which specialize in dealing with such problems. Children are an important part of society, so the greatest love and care should be given to them.

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