A soldier's life

I saw the pontoon of the young men who stood behind the dead carriage, their dark faces were alive over their heads, and the earth, which was sometimes strangled, had been waiting for their time, from the moment that they would bury all bodies and people's moral honesty and end once, everyone does not need to preach or masquerade, to release new skins when the old people have not tossed it.

If you want to kill someone, send them to an army, then this may be the worst thing anyone can do. While soldiers die on the battlefield, others know that a catafalque fate is underway and a martyr has been placed before them, a lot of old newsletters are the "new members" of the Prime Minister and their family members-infinite pains.

A few days before leading some terrorist caves to military camps and killing our soldiers. When the news came to the fanatic hat wave, people went to the streets and saw them in front of them, old banners, some candles, loud noises, and caring policemen who rotated traffic on the other side. Perhaps this would urge the government, or at least that is what people think about the media as good as in any case, and for the government it seems like a great thing. But what will you do at the end of a conversation to remove terrorism the same thing we said was the nation for more than a decade or why not just blow up Pakistan? Wait for innocent people.

I do not know what the hullabaloo is, a candle parade on martyrs, especially about the people who are not only counting national holidays and a day of rest in our country's Republic and Independence days. Perhaps I've seen some Pokemon Go players, some of them are clearly winding because they would boost the other day at the moment of their friendship. I'm in the paper.

It is clear that patriotic emotions have fallen to such an inhuman level of humanity that they do not take into account those soldiers who live their lives for the sake of the nation in a way and a way to do this at national level and anticipate their harmful effects.

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