A military state

((November 24, 2009) (a: Jorge Isaac General V. Bardales))

Twice pride is doubled after saying why a soldier is on the way to the dark side? Why did you dislodge yourself from the country that nurtured him? only betrayed as a traitor, conspirator, co-worker, spy, who sells his character, harms or damages his own country and compatriots for the benefit of another country? It is very unusual and therefore loves his beloved compatriots, restless. Pride or self-interest or self-interest is usually the cornerstone (strong self-interest, sometimes stronger than the devil), and when the country is harmed by its own country, Pride, and no country to whom it was wanted, will you want it? In a sense, he is a person who gains some power – or feels he is, and for those in power, he fears to lose (which is not uncommon); now this guy, the traitor I talk about, must let go of everything he does not want to let go, everything he loses, he needs to get rid of healing, will not be jealous anymore, because he is envious and jealous rice protein, with dual pride.

Today, there is such a man in the Peruvian country today, spying on his last imprisonment and selling or selling vital information to Chile, he demands his rights, even though he has forgotten his responsibility (not that it usually goes). A man who has no loyalty to Peru has no blood on his face; a friend said, "… there are some like him, behind him (God help Peru where he is)."

In any case, near the confession, the man in question is anxious now willing to sacrifice a country and compatriots, but not himself – essentially says, "My life is worth more than 25 million peru", yes, that's what loudly and purely tell. [19659002] The question of whether lawful or legitimate guilt, guilty, condemned, feels that law is something outside, life, and rejects cohorts. Why? – for some reason loyalty, loyalty, true fidelity, devotion – the kind of loyalty that the country asks about what he could not afford in the long run. Now that's what you want, it's important or at least you feel. This is a thing that bothered the Peruvian armies who visited La Oroya, Huancayo, on the twenty-first day of November 2009, who sat in front of the day before and on the twenty-first morning in Plaza de Arms, General Jorge Isaac V. Bardales (General Brigada); concealing the general – a strong man of faith, national pride, a soldier, a true soldier – embarrassedly say that the traitor was guilty and tried to save himself, his neck, this criminal man, I think the general felt more dead like the Iscariot Judas when he sold Jesus Christ for thirty silver and did what the traitor did. "" You see, "said the general," they would have shot him ten years ago! "[So he said.]

And I remarked," As I was in Vietnam, a traitor was fired simultaneously and there. "

looking at this question, on his shoulders, while his shoulders were four or five inches above mine. The general around him stood at his brigade, and when he looked at many of his soldiers, he seemed to like ten years ago, so that the traitor can be shot – here and now – a delay of moments. [22] Somehow, there is a strange indifference among the Peruvian masses, some people who want to save the spy, those who do not understand it are important to love a country that swearing to defend their people, not to sell them to thirty silver. Now, if they find it guilty, they feed on, dress up, get shelter, and their rights, taxpayers, those who are not spared and sold to the highest bidders

there is no answer to this dilemma about why you betray your compatriots, your country, especially the soldiers we trust, to trust And that's why this crime is unbearable than ever, and maybe the laws are too weak to avoid such incidents … and the sinners know that, they do what they know … knowing the worse the time spent: says?

this and and many times a writer likes to say this without having beautiful adjectives and verbs and all kinds of tommy. [19595002] No: 524 (11-25-2009)

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