A feature of an effective childcare teacher 4

The key to the effective, positive, quality childcare program … is the "teacher".

Over the years, I was completely astonished that parents are so much in line with their day care center, though they spend so little time there. Sometimes 5 minutes when they fall off their baby or take 5 minutes. Many parents use intuition and intestinal feelings to determine that children are the right place for day-to-day use.

With that in mind, I decided to list some of the features of an effective childcare teacher. Keep these points for future evaluation.

Effective childcare teachers receive special training in early childhood. All their competences were completed and continuously trained in their territory. They love children and continue to find new ways to care for children and their families.

Effective childcare teachers understand that childcare rates are important and must be maintained in order to provide a quality program. Teachers who run to them often get out of stress and struggle to nurture the kindly children they care about.

Effective teachers divide their class / center into small activity areas. For example: small motor, big motor, kitchen, computer, dramatic play, crafts, sand table. The list goes on. Children are able to choose which activities they want to accommodate.

Effective teachers warm, communicate warmly with children and their families, allow children to express their feelings, and interact with their parents in general.

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