3 ways to create payment fees for your childcare center

Previous question is what parents should pay for childcare allowance? Other variables in the equation include part-time or full-time care, half days between all days and weekly or hourly care.

It seems embarrassing, I just think.

But there are very simple answers and my job is to lead the way of salvation. So let's start with the three methods to create a tuition fee for the child care center.

first Do your homework and research: Find out exactly what others are doing. There are many ways to do this, be honest, introduce yourself and your center, and mention that you evaluate your subject rates in your area or you can do it anonymously. He supposedly as a parent looks for childcare and asking for prices. It goes without saying that you want to do the research, but I'm telling you it's very important to find out what other daytime owners are doing in the community.

2nd Evaluate all the information you have collected, ask yourself this question:

o What are the queues and / or goodwill in the centers

o What activities or curricula do you support? Some daytime centers teach swimming lessons, computer lessons, etc.

o Are teachers qualified or not?

3rd Based on your results you will have an idea of ​​what the market needs. What I'm thinking of is what the other centers are charging. My knowledge and experience say that people are not so interested in tuition, but rather in the quality of the environment and the supply. Many parents choose the control panel if they feel comfortable and trust the service provider.

According to your research, it would be a good idea to find out the tuition, but you'll find one thing. Do not try others in the childcare industry. Parents believe they can get what they pay for. Getting a low tuition fee will not make more enrollment.

What you will get is a healthy "rumor". Parents positively talk about you and tell your friends and family how wonderful your day care center is.

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