10 Interesting Facts About Gabriel Archangel

first Gabriel means "God is my power" or "God is mighty". Gabriel is one of only two angels called the Bible. Michael the other. Raphael is mentioned in the apocrypha, which is included in the Catholic Bible Book

. Gabriel in the Bible as a messenger appears in important events. The most famous example of this was Annaling when he visited the speech of the Virgin Mary and called for the preparation of the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 1: 26-38). Gabriel was always in close contact with maternity leave. According to an ancient legend, he announced the birth of Samson. Zacharias seemed to tell him that he and his wife Elizabeth were preparing for a son, John the Baptist (Luke 1: 5-25). According to the Jewish tradition, Gabriel instructs the baby while in the womb.

4. Although not identified by name, many Christians believe that Gabriel announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds, warned Mary and Joseph that Herod's soldiers were searching for Jesus and drove away the stone of the Tomb of Jesus

. Gabriel is considered an archangel of dreams, forebears, and clarity. This came because he helped Daniel understand the significance and symbolism of his strange dreams (Daniel 8: 16-27). In the 98th century a special letter appeared, containing the "commandments of Jesus Christ". It was allegedly written by Gabriel and became a relic of the Early Church. The original copies of the letter were never produced, but the copies were sold in England with fortunate charms to provide safe births and protect the owner from the evil and the injury

. The Harmonists, a nineteenth-century religious section, Father Gabriel George Rapp, New Harmony, Indiana visited their leader and left footprints on a limestone plate. It is still visible today.

8. In the Christian tradition, Gabriel will blow the horn to awaken the dead on the Day of Judgment. The Judgment Board on the Tarot Board shows this. Cole Porter wrote Blow, Gabriel, Blow for the 1934 Goes music.

9. Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and dictated the Koran. In Islamic tradition, Gabriel taught Noah to build a box of Lebanon's famous cedar trees. Muslims also believe that Abraham Abraham was introduced to Kaba's Black Stone. Everyone who kisses his annual pilgrimage to Mecca kisses this stone.

10. Gabriel is one of the most prominent stories of Islamic faith that fictitious coffee. One night when Muhammad was very tired, Gabriel took a cup of coffee. This not only kept her awake, but the strength needed to defeat forty racers, and she met forty women.

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